Anyone with a 1377 converted to .22 with a 24 inch barrel?

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I was wondering what the muzzle velocity of a 1377 converted over to .22 with a 24 inch barrel would be with no other mods. I'm thinking somewhere in the 550 FPS area?

I've got all the parts to do the conversion, but I'm still debating over weather or not to do it.

I set one of mine up with a 14.5" barrel and got around 500fps with a 14.3g pellet on 10 pumps . From what I've read you're right in the ball park with the 550fps figure with the 24" . This is with stock internals. kirby

I just shot my CO2 Crosman Custom shop .22 with a 14.5" barrel over the chrony and got a surprise . 570fps with Crosman 14.3g HP . That's 10.3fpe out of a stock pistol at 62 degrees outside right now. That should put whack on a squirrel !! . kirby

I've got a 1322 w/ 24" barrel. There should be a pic in the album section. Unfortunately, I don't have a chrony, and; A lot of mods were done with the barrel switch-so I don't think I can really answer your question. I would guess that the gain due to barrel length would match up with fps changes as shown in the 22xx series. Even though they are using co2, the changes in fps ratings are due to barrel length only.
It wouldn't be exact, but probably close.

I am thinking with a 24 inch barrel should give 550 fps. with a stock gun & 10 pumps. My 1322 with stock barrel, flat tpo piston & port job will hit over 600 fps with 20 pumps 550fps with 15 pumps. This is with CPs 14.3 gr. It was hiting around 470fps with 10 pumps before the mods about 520 with 15pumps.


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