Best .25 cal PCP?

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What's the best hunting rifle in .25 caliber. I'm looking at the Career Infinity and Career III 707.
I need something bigger for hunting and long range any suggestions.

The BSA LoneStar is also available in .25 cal. and reasonably priced for a British, high quality PCP rifle. AoA has them on their site.

Would have a choice between the Career 707, career infinity, Sumatra 2500R. If you include the carbine versions as seperate rifles, that's 5 choices. All are able to get into the 60 foot pound area if you use the specialty heavy weight pellets.  Dialed up to max, they tend to over drive even the .25 Kodiak.

Could spend a few bucks more (think about $630-$650) for a BSA Lonestar in .25.  Nice rifle in a rather plain stock (but for a hunter, that can be a plus).  Both Air guns of Arizona and Cobra Air carry that model of BSA.

Not a .25, but if you want to save quie a few bucks on a long range PCP, noticed that Pyramind has the Sumatra 2500R in 5mm at $399.  Really do need the Eun Jin pellets when dialed anywhere past the 1/2 way mark, but I've been using one of those for while...and I can attest to the effect of a 24gr. 5mm pellet starting off at 1040fps.

Hi..i have a Career Infinity .22 great gun drops bunnys no probs
and is good for 30 shots on a 3000psi/200bar fill.
Take a look a a Evanix AR6 aswell also have 2 of them .22
very powerful 60fpe with 28.4gr & 65fpe with 32gr
both are quite noisey
The Evanix has a repeter mode as well keep pulling the trigger
till the 6 shot mag is empty.

PS...The samatra's are just butt ugly..

Have been tempted many times to pour black liquid plastic into the "engraved sceen" (it's recessed, with a raised ridge around it that would work perfectly).  It's a bit over-done for my tastes and I've never brought a pointer on a duck hunt.

But I do like the lever action...a US thing, no place else has quite the link to lever guns that our "wild-west" gives us.  Also like that if you can fit it into the cylinder, it's going to feed.

But no complaints aginst the's no beauty pagent winner either.


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