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Hi guys,

I’m another newbie to air gunning.  A year ago I bought a cheap bb/pellet gun for $50 bucks from the hardware store so I could smack the geese that crap on my lawn , which led to a neighbor showing me his new Gamo Whisper, which gave me gun envy, and led to my purchase of a Whisper with the venturi ram, then a GRT trigger when I got frustrated with my inability to hit a barn (as a kid I was deadly with a .22), then a Leapers 3-9X40 scope when I decided to dump the coke bottle glass scope that came with the rifle, and now after shooting 2000 pellets through the gun I’m actually getting in the grove. I now, with some consistency, can hit a beer bottle cap from 30 yards… I also get the wild shot that might bring down a low flying plane. I’m getting good results with Crow Magnums, RWS Superdomes, RWS Meisterkugelen wadcutters, and really tight groups with JSB Exacts, all of which are 8.4 – 8.6 gr. pellets. The JSB’s give the tightest groups, but the groups are 2” high and right of where the other three tend to land with the current sighting of my scope. Curiously, Eun Jin’s seem to hit in similar groups to the first 3 mentioned when shooting at 20 yards…. I know, I know… don’t shoot heavy pellets with a Springer!

I have a couple of questions for you experts out there. I haven’t done anything to the gun (With the exception of tighten up all screws, adding the GRT trigger, and the Leapers scope) to “Tune” the gun other than clean the gun with a RWS cleaning kit I got from Pyramyd. Is there anything I should be doing? Should I get some bore cleaning compound? My RWS kit came with a bore brush and cleaning pellets but no cleaning tip to put cleaning patches on… or patches for that matter. I know Bob and Gene don’t think much of cleaning pellets, so I will avoid them. Any hints would be appreciated.

I’m also thinking of getting some JBS Exact Heavy 10.2 gr. Pellets. Is that too heavy for a Whisper with a Venturi piston? I’ve burned through 500 Kodak 10.6, which also gave really good results, and I liked the impact of the heavy pellet, but I keep reading about not putting heavy pellets in springers.

Sorry for the long-winded entry to GTA. I look forward to more great reading about guns, ammo, and squirrel recipes!


Bob Fairchild:

Another new guy here.  I have the exact set up that you have - Whisper .22, Air Venturi ram, GRTIII, and Leapers 3x9 40mm.  I'm thrilled with the results so far.  Most of the posts I've found say to avoid really heavy and really light pellets since both can damage the gun over time.  I am slowly breaking the rifle in without cleaning the barrel as other posts also recommend.  And its working.  The groups are tighter, more consistent and more predictible after it has been 'shot in'.  Don't hurry it, enjoy the thrill of finding the right combination.  Mine is leaning toward Beeman's Silver Bear which is 15.74 gr.

A relaxed hold has been the key for me.  Once I'm set up on my tripod the only part of the rilfle I touch is the trigger and a very slight pressure on the butt of the stock.  I let the Whisper do the rest.  Truely amazing.  

If you haven't found it yet, go to the Library and look at the Pellet Chart by Ian Lamb - great reference.  If I knew more about this dang computer I could link you or whatever.  Also look around for the blogs on pellet weight - there are some good ones.

As for the tune - you bet cha.  I'm going to get one as soon as Gene is ready.  It is one of the things that is highly recommended here and I have seen the tremendous results with the GRTIII so far.  Whatever it takes to get better.

Give the gun a chance.  I am interested in how you do and will follow your updates.  Good Luck!


Thanks for the info. It is a process. I was initially frustrated by the gun, but then I read some blogs and realized that it was me, not the gun. Proper hold, pellet, and for me, a sandbag rest.


I was terminally frustrated with mine, as a result I traded it for some work done in my home. The recepient (who already owned a Big Cat) told me a week or two later that he was thrilled with the accuracy I had found so lacking, and that the secret was to grip that thing both hands vise-like, and it shot much better for him(?!). He said it shot way better than his Big Cat. Funny, that day I showed him the Whisper, my first shot at 25 yds was a dead center bullseye. I smiled, handed him the gun and said "give it a try"...

Welcome, Don. My Whisper shot the RWS Superdomes better than others.

As far as tuning, I suggest you put foam or "Great Stuff" in the stock to reduce the noise from the hollow plastic cavity, and make sure you have clamped your mount tight, pre-cleaning the rails and applying Loctite. Dano advises that you put polishing compound or a fine grit to the riser before you clamp, that this added friction improves the stability.

Watch out - that riser with the hole for the stop pin is an aluminum extrusion, and the pin can actually elongate the hole in the soft metal. Make a mark and watch to be sure you are not getting any slippage between the mount and the riser.

First of all, from one newbie to another, welcome!  I have the Whisper with air-venturi (I added it myself) in .177 as well.  My factory Gamo scope crapped out last weekend, so I'm now sporting a CenterPoint 4-16x40 AO from Wally World.  Much better scope than the factory one!!!  I also bought a wooden Hunter 440 stock that I love (see my Nutter Down!!! post in Hunting Gate for pics), but need to do a slight fix to keep the rear pin from moving before I use it again.  When the rifle is on its game, it will stack pellets!

DWM and Bob F. - Could you two please do me a favor?  With your Whisper uncocked (cocked wouldn't really matter), FIRMLY grip the front of the action around the two screws that attach the receiver to the stock.  Now lightly grip the very end of your barrel "s!lencer" with a few fingers.  Do you notice ANY side to side play in your barrel when you LIGHTLY push it sideways in either direction (perpindicular to the direction that it moves when cocking)?  TIA.


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