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Author Topic: Cobra Airguns & Long Island Field Target 5/17/09 pics-story  (Read 4126 times)
Dave CAG
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« on: June 05, 2009, 04:11:29 AM »

Airguns Long Island Field Target NY 5/17/09
Sponsored By Cobra Airguns

The day started out wet!

The forecast was right it did say rain we did call a few members and they said if it does not pour they are in. We did pick up two tents the day before and placed them in between the lanes.

This was our second official meet the last thing we wanted was to was cancel!!

The rain stopped and the meet was on.

There were some changes since our last meet we added 4 more lanes making a total of 8 lanes with three field targets per-lane 2 shots per-target making a total score of 48 but one target was malfunctioning so it drop to 47.

One thing we found that even though putting the field targets on the ground did make the shots seem more like hunting, the low vegetation and unleveled ground just did not work very well when you reset the field targets the stakes would pull out.

Special Thanks to Big Joe M and Jeff for you picking up cement blocks drilling the holes for the bolts for the whole course!!
From the whole club Thanks Joe and Jeff

Jeff has not been able to make a field target meet yet because of work but I think we will have worked out all the bugs by the time he can and he should have a great time

Special Thanks to Anthony (archer292) for drilling all the holes in the field targets, setting out all of Joe and Jeff's blocks and clearing the lanes the day before it made the day of the meet go a lot smoother.
From the hole club Thanks Anthony

Joe M. on left was one of the lucky 100 for Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle he is still waiting for his new Theoben Rapid. Joe is one of our members that has been searching for the right field target rifle this day he shot the Marauder.

 Anthony on the right with his new FWB P70 FT Anthony's search we think is over!! I think he would have had a perfect score but we added a tricky elevated lane that turned out to be standing only and since he only had the the rifle for a week spending what little time he had finding the right mounts and practicing in the seated position (He will be ready in June).

This elevated lane everyone enjoyed

John (left) was grouped with Anthony and Joe M. he was using the FX Super Swift Walnut in .22 not his choice for field target he is one our members that is waiting for a custom built air rifle that he will hopefully have by next meet.

Shane was shooting the Beeman Falcon R because he left his Daystate MK4 back at Cobra Air guns. The night before he plugged it in to charge it and he thought I put it in the truck and I thought he put it in.

 Not that the Falcon R could not clear the match but he was practicing for two weeks with the Daystate with Nikko Stirling FT 6-24x40 Airgun field target scope totally different from the Leapers 8-32x56 mil dot. Well next shoot we will see what happens!!

Rod (below left) was grouped with Ray (right) and Tom we had three groups of three and one group of four Shooters totaling 13. Rod picked up a beautiful Beeman HW97 that he decided to use this day the Air Rifle was fully tuned and had beautiful field target stock. Tom had a Gamo CFX that he is doing very well with he is looking into a tune and new trigger. Ray was shooting the new Benjamin

Marauder Air Rifle that he cleared the match with. Ray, Hans and Laurie the (A-Team) have taken the time out of their busy schedule to shoot at two of our field target events. Each time they were a world of information and a pleasure to shoot with.

We have adopted a lot of their ideas and the club is becoming more and more
like a top notch field target club with each meet under our belt.

I was grouped with Shane, Martin and Gabe. My rifle for this shoot was the BSA Super 10 with a 400 cc bottle toped with a 8-32x56 Leapers Mildot scope (top left) I really enjoy this air rifle and is one of my rifles I will never sell!! But their are a couple of rifles that I am looking into right now I am waiting on a custom field target stock for my Falcon R in the mean time the BSA is shooting better then me. Gabe (top right) has an Air Arms S200 that he loves and on this day the rifle was reminding him why, Gabe walked away still in love with his s200 and a smile on his face.

Martin with his Falcon R (Left) with Nikko Stirling FT 6-24x40 shooting Crosman 10.5's was having a good day clearing the lanes but missed two at the elevated lane a lot of people fell pray to that lane but that's part of the fun!

 Another one of the things we found out is that when you have a four shooter group that one man extra with one man taking 5 minutes per-lane with eight lanes you add 40 minutes to your group compared to a three man group. It is the simple things that slip by when preparing for a match.

Hans (right) was having good day with the tricked out Benjamin Discovery he was grouped with Kenny and Mike one of our new members. Kenny (bottom left) was using his Theoben Rapid, Kenny has a large selection to choose from springer to PCP he love's his Airguns and has not missed a meet !!

 Mike (bottom middle) came to Cobra Airguns in the beginning of May has and started with Falcon R also with Nikko Stirling FT 6-24x40 he placed fifth out of thirteen not bad. He just pick up a Air Arms S410 for his wife hopefully we will see her at the next meet.

All in all it was a great day even if my personal score did not make the winners circle I can see why field target is so addicting just being out side with people who enjoy air guns as much as you do if not more. The conversation flows the smiles are big what more do you need? Our next Field target event will be June 28th so come on down and give it a try! Also staring
June 6th there will be Air Pistol and Air Rifle silhouette each month

PCP Open

1- Ray (A-Team) score 46
2- Martin (Cobra Airguns) score 41
3- Hans (A-Team) score 40
4- Anthony (LIFT) score 39

Piston Open
1-Tom (LIFT)
2- Rod (LIFT)

Long Island Field Target Club
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    « Reply #1 on: June 05, 2009, 09:33:24 AM »

    Great stuff Dave, thanks for helping promote air guns.

    THE ONES I SLEEP WITH: BSA Lightning XL, AA TX-200, AA ProSport, BSA Ultra, HW-97K, Crosman NPSS .177, FX Cyclone, HW-30 Nicle Plated, AA-S200, Crosman Marauder, CZ-634, R-9 DG, Webley/Scott UK Tomahawk, Benji Kantana, Benji Marauder, Benji Discovery.....

    Gene\'s Tunz n Toyz
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