Orange Stick-On Target Dots

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Hi All-

I've seen lots of posts with those self-stick orange target dots. Where can I buy those and how expensive are they? Thanks.  --HL

I got a Cabelas about 5 miles from my office that has them. Less than $10.00 for a pack of them. I find it cheaper to buy a Sharpie and make my own dots to shoot at. Of course you could also use a Magic Marker in a different color if you need to. Who cares if it is perfectly round?? I kill a lot of paper and paying for targets gets steap. I also resort to using empty beer cartens, cereal boxes, magazine covers, anything with a distinguishable spot to aim at and you can poke a hole in.

Welcome to the GTA!!

Wallmart has them.

Arkansas Man:
Sportsmans warehouse has them.  There are 216 per package and cost between 5 and 6 dollars. I personally like the orange dots that has the diamond middle and the T shaped lines for better aiming of center.   A person can use them on cardboard squares and if the gps that you shoot doesn't touch the dot, you can remove the dot for another cardboard target.   fb

I get mine at "Staples".... but any good stationary store will have them....

They work great..... I love em...

They're also much smaller than a tree rats head so I know if I can hit my 1/4 inch orange dots than I should be able to harvest a squirrel I target  :)



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