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Author Topic: Cobra Airguns & Long Island Field Target 6/28/09 pics-story  (Read 3551 times)
Dave CAG
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« on: July 09, 2009, 11:15:05 PM »

Airguns Long Island Field Target NY 6/28/09
Sponsored By Cobra Airguns

The day started out a little foggy and they were calling for thunder storms latter in the day. But lady luck was on our side it turned in to a beautiful day.

 You will see some strange suits in the pictures this is because the range has a tic problem. We are working on this and some of the members till then would rather be safe then sorry and I don't blame them!!

I must say the club is growing and learning with each shoot we now have full benches but no chairs yet so when you come to a meet brining a folding chair. Joe M, Anthony and John set up the targets early with Martin and Tom setting up the sighting in range and that was very important because it helps us start on time. Starting on time was a set back in the begging but now that we have the lanes set and the field targets on blocks set up goes a lot smoother.

The members are really pulling together and putting on a great day of shooting everyone is starting to know the routine and pitching in we are further a long then we thought we would be.
Special Thanks: To Joe M's Wife and son for pick up and setting out the food.
From the whole club Thanks

On the right is Rod in suit and his BSA Super Ten.There are at least four Super tens shooting in the matches and they do very well. But competing against the high end field target rifles that some of the members (after a long search) are finally settling in on it is hard to place in the top three in open pcp.

 Like John has been waiting for months for his Theopen MRF tuned by Alan Zasadny. In the top left picture you can see John sitting (left) and Anthony holding the rifle. Anthony has a FWB70 that was giving him a little trouble so he sent it to Alan and that is a story in it self. Hopefully he will have it back by the next shoot in July.

The A team showed up Ray, Hans and Laurie but this time Laurie was shooting, the past few meets she was having problems with her arm and could not shot it was great to see her out there. It was a great turn out with seventeen shooters an some spectators this was big because we were missing five members so that would have been a total of twenty two shooters many new shooters and this is our first year.

One thing I can say is our standing elevated lane has been a great equalizer above is Kenny (right) waiting for his turn with his Theoben Rapid 17 top with a Simmons 6-18x40. Shooting is Victor not a new member but this was his his first meet he could make. Victor has a Super Ten W/ Leapers 8-32x56 mildot Special Thanks: to Victor he add new cable starter pull lines to all the targets From the whole club Thanks Victor

Long Island Field Target start shooting in February there was snow on the ground so to finally be surround by green was a treat it was like spending a day in the park doing something you love.

Can it get any better!!

 Since February the course has become more challenging we are now adding reducers to the easy shots and with the elevated standing lane No one cleared the course but some came close.

Now that everyone is settling in on their rifles, the course and targets we need to add the Hunter class the members that are not going to click or strap them selves in will fit the hunter class perfectly. In the beginning no one was even clicking except the A-Team Ray and Hans. But now we have three maybe four members John, Anthony (below), Mike (above left on right) and Martin (above right) are going to shoot at the BCSA Regional Championship in New York on Sat Jul 11 we will give you a report on how they did after the meet.

 Mike pick up Air Arms s400 MPR-FT w/ Hawke 8-32x56 and did very well for the first meet with a new rifle scoring a 38 out of 48. Martin is waiting on his EV2 MKII his Falcon's bolt action
started malfunctioning the day before. So he shot the meet with his BSA Scorpion .22 but he did have a good day with it. Martin will shoot a Red Ryder if he had to just to be out there shooting

On this day we had our first shoot out for third place between
Martin and Hans each with a score of 41 out of 48. I must say this
add a little excitement to the end of the day. They had their shot at 50 yards

After a each took their first shots it just seemed to easy for them so after a quick meeting they
set the Field target out to 60 yards. Hans won the shoot out and took third place.

All the shooters had a great day!!!
But there some more things that we need to change for example we now have shooters driving two-three hours to come to the meets and it is a long ride home. Start time will have to change to a early time not just for the drivers but it is going start getting hot in July so the next meet might start at 10:30 AM with sight in between 9:00 - 10:00

Next meet we will have a Hunter Class well we may allow a few things to start out we will give more detail later.

We will have to pay more attention now to the 20 foot pound rules, like we have said in the past the club is new and some new shooters do not know the rules and we are all about learning. We don't want to scare any one off from a great sport but shooting any air rifle over 25 ft lbs is destroying the targets. If you do not know the muzzle energy of you air rifle just give us a call it is just a matter of pellet weight and feet per second Calculations of Muzzle Energy

Stop watches might be add to the clipboard of each group so we can start timing the shooter in the lane. Again this is not going to be strictly enforced it is for shooters to see how long they are in a lane while trying to shorten or lengthen their time to be in sink with other clubs rules.

Ok now for the winners: Presented by Joe Murphy

PCP Open
1st - Ray Apelles (A-Team)
2nd - John Mararte (LIFT)
3rd - Hans Apelles (A-Team)

Piston Open
1st - Tom Wade

Missing from the winner circle is John and Tom one day we will get this right!!
This goes back to starting early John had to leave as soon as the match
was over and Tom was removing the Field Targets.


Long Island Field Target Club
Sponsored By

Cobra Air Guns" target="_blank" />


L.I.F.T. : Long Island Field Target
Web site: Cobra Air Guns

Each Air Gun should have a purpose it is not all about velocity or power its
about walking away after a day of shooting, Smiling looking down and saying

"God I Love this rifle"

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« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2009, 11:45:52 PM »

Thanks for sharing the story and photos of LIFT's latest shoot with us Dave. It looks like you are all having a great time.

The current stable, (arsenal, quiver?): BSA Lightning XL .177, BSA Sportsman HV .22, BSA Ultra .177, CZ634 .177, Daystate Harrier X .177, TAU 200 Senior .177, HW 97 .177, HW 50s .177, HW 30 .177, RWS 92 .177, Gamo 126 MC Super, Gamo Big Cat .177, AR2078A, QB78 .177, Quest 1000 .177, Beeman SS650 .177., Beeman P17 .177.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.
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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2009, 12:49:45 AM »


Thanks for filling us in on the outing.  I'm green with envy,and would join you except for one important point you covered in the story --- Ticks!!!.  Until LIFT is able to remediate the situation or find another location, I will be forced to watch from a distance since I cannot risk a bout with Lyme disease.  Good Luck!!


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« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2009, 12:59:52 AM »

Great job!!  Well done..

Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures..

Semper Fi
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