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Author Topic: Cobra Airguns & Long Island Field Target Silhouette 7/19/09  (Read 4704 times)
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« on: July 28, 2009, 11:46:32 PM »


Long Island Field Target
Airgun Silhouette Shoot July 19, 2009
Sponsored By Cobra Airguns

Well we can chalk up another Air rifle and pistol silhouette that the weather was on or side sunny and in the eighties. Sun is better then rain but the sun can be rough to.

 The club pick up tents for the rain now we found they are need for the sun to!! We have two tents but out of the box there were screws missing from one it would have been nice to have the two they would have covered the hole bench may be next time.

Once the tent was in place we were ready to start sighting in for pistol silhouette. This is the first one I was able to attend and I must say Tom Wade has set up a great day of shooting!!

 Tom has spent a lot of time reading the rule book and trying many ways to set up the silhouettes just right so are at the right height and do not fall unless they are hit. I must say I was impressed and looking forward to a fun day.

We had a lot rifle guys from the field target side who were first time silhouette shooters myself included then add pistol to the mix we are talking whole new experience. I chose the Crosman
Mark I, Martin Crosman 2300s, Victor custom Crosman 2240, Matt custom Crosman 2240, Henry Crosman 1377, Gary IZH 46 and Tom Daisy 747 there was quite a mix of air pistols. A lot that day was about our pistol skills I know I am going to make some changes

During the shooters meeting it was interesting (to me) to find out that there will be four people shooting at the same time each shooting their own bank of silhouettes. You have five silhouettes on each bank and a certain time to shoot the bank. The time given was more then enough everyone seemed to be finished with some time to spare.

One of the things I learned was that my Mark I that has a valve job and shots pretty hot but half way though the 12 gram CO2 was running out. So I change to a new one and the pistol was shooting hot again the flux in pressure made it hard keep the same point of impacted. Now I know why they have a adaptor for a 3.5 oz bottle I do have one but did not use it. I will use it at the next shot or switch to single pump pneumatic no change in pressure.

Hats off to Gary (left) winning the air pistol this is only our third event and we can see some good scores coming in the future with four new shooters.

Pistol results

Name Score
Gary 18

Well it was time for the Air Rifle silhouette the Air pistol was great fun but the rifle you would think it would be easier well guess again the silhouettes move out and they are all shot in the standing position. After a short time for rest and good conversation it was rifle sight in time.

Tom keeps us moving along and on time. Again there was variety of air rifles just like the pistols.

Gary: Benjamin Marauder
Martin: custom Gamo Whisper Henry: BSA Super 10
Dave: Falcon C
Theoben Rapid
Tom: custom Gamo CFX
BSA Super 10

 Joe could not make it for the air pistol but we lost Matt for the air rifle so we had the same amount of shooters.

After practices Tom prepared the silhouettes by moving them out and repainting. We have to say Tom sets up a great Shoot its a lot of hard work even though I helped as often as I could, as a shooter it felt like all I did was shoot all day!! Great job Tom the hole club Thanks You !!

Martin was shooting a little project he had going. Cobra Airguns had some discontinued Gamo Real Trees left so Martin took the stock and put a Whisper fully tuned with a gas ram and a new trigger Cobra makes. He was hitting clay pigeons constantly at a 100 yards and one out of every three at 150 yards pretty good with a Gamo. Tom also shooting a Gamo, the CFX under lever with a gas piston and a Cobra trigger and the rifle was shooting great. But air rifle silhouette is still new to us so the skills are what we are working on. One of the hardest things

about air rifle silhouette is holding the rifle up for the time it takes to shoot a bank of ten silhouettes x four banks by the end you can feel it. So you would think a light rifle would have an advantage well it does and does not because mussels pushes and release against the light weight keeping the rifle still seems to be much harder. But I think that a heavier air rifle would be easier by heavier I would take in consideration your fiscal condition light to one person is heavy to another. Today we had our first shoot out!! it was the battle of the BSA super tens(heavy Rifles) Tom set up two banks of chickens for Gary and Victor's shoot out one bank each

Gary took the win with pride and I must say Victor was happy with second to have a shoot
out for first place at your first silhouette match is some thing to be proud of!!

Rifle Results

Name Score
Henry14 winner in shot out
Gary 2

Tom would like to thank the people that came out to the match, The next Matches will will be monthly as follows

August 9 2009
and September 13, 2009 Tom will have a shoot in October and November Tom will advise the dates in the the Future if you would to reach Tom Email is



Long Island Field Target Club
Sponsored By

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