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Author Topic: Long Island Field Target Shoot Sept. 20th  (Read 2854 times)
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« on: September 19, 2009, 04:50:54 AM »

I just got an email from Dave at Cobra Airguns........ Long Island Field Target.... aka: L.I.F.T.   is having a shoot tomorrow, Sept. 20 at the Brookhaven Rifle and Pistol Range in Ridge.  Should be a great time for all who attend, I know I'm going to try to make it :)

Here's a copy of the email I received with all the information......

September 20, 2009
40 Shot Air Pistol silhouette Shoot & 40 Shot Air Rifle Silhouette Shoot.
Cost $10.00 per shooter

September 27, 2009 Field Target
3 targets 2 shots per target - 8 lanes 48 in total
Cost $15 per shooter

(LIFT) Long Island Field Target & Cobra Airguns
New Home for shooting
Route 25 (Middle Country Rd.)
Ridge, New York 11961

the Brookhaven shooting range Long Island Field Target will be setting up
behind the main building.

You can park in front and take the path on either side of the building.

Long Island Expressway to exit
68 North (William Floyd Parkway).
Go North approximately 5 miles to Route 25 East ( Middle Country Rd.).
Go East 1 mile and Range is on the left (North) side of Rt.25.

Air Pistol silhouette Practice 9:30AM to 10:00AM
the Air Pistol Shoot will start at 10:15AM to 12:30PM
10 shots at Chickens at 10 yards(30 feet)
10 shot at Pigs at 12.5 yards(37.5 feet)
10 shots at Turkeys at 15 yards(45 feet)
10 shots at Rams at 18  yards(54 feet)
Air Rifle silhouette Practice 1:00 to 1:30PM
the Air Rifle Shoot will start at 1:45PM to 2:30PM
10 shots at Chickens at 20 yards(60 feet)
10 shot at Pigs at 30 yards(90 feet)
10 shots at Turkeys at 36 yards(108 feet)
10 shots at Rams at 45  yards(135 feet)
the course of will be as follows
2 banks of  5 of  each target shot 1 shot at each in 2 and 1/2 minutes shot
left to right each bank of targets.
Range commands
ready 30 seconds,  fire 2 and 1/2 minutes  and cease fire  these commands
will the same for Air Pistol and Air Rifle Silhouette
NOTE: all shooting will be done off hand (standing) the only restriction is
the shoot is only open to .177, .20 and .22 caliber pellet only.
any questions

Email tom wade @

L.I.F.T. : Long Island Field Target

Web site: Cobra Air Guns

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« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 07:06:31 AM »

I'll be there also, only because I found out accidently.They're a great bunch of people.

It's a shame that they don't advertise the match way ahead of time.

I mean, If you check their site, the next match is Aug, 9th and the Store site stops with July. ...Hello!

I guess I could have called them...oh wait I did...please leave a message.

I thinka lot more people would be showing up if they found out before the match is over.

I'll make sure they get my email address, but still a day before is not much time to plan.


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« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2009, 12:40:44 AM »

gopher... you knew about this match on thursday... I mentioned on that threadf about the B26... remember?  3 days! hell, my wife wouldn't take that long to get ready... LOL
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« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2009, 02:19:20 AM »

OK, you got me...I found out three days before...

I'm just saying that they put a lot of time, effort, work into the Matches. Tom is the best and works real hard at making them a good experience.

More people should be there... I was trying to find out when it was for a while. Most of the time when I called the shop, I got the recording.

NowI know more people and have more places to check, but someone new to the hobby or out of the loop was hard pressed to find out when the matches were during the summer.

I see that theL.I.F.T site is now updated through November. So, there's no reason not to plan ahead now.

It was probably just a flukethat the sites weren't updated during the summer. I know everyone gets busy.

There is very little going on in the way of organized shooting on Long Island that gets much attention because Long Island is so anti-gun anything.

So, the only other place to find out when the matches are is at their website or here. Both places weren'tup to date.

I wish I could say that2-3 days noticeis enough, but between kids sports, the Honey Do List, and life in general, it's not.

I really enjoyed myself at the Match. Those targets are a LOT smaller than I thought they would be. It really put me in my place. (though not last place )

Everybody come out for the next Match. The people are great and you will see quite a variety of different airguns.


Make The Decision...Your Gonna Get The Blame Anyway.

Disco .177, RWS 850 Air Magnum
B-26 .177, Daisy Avanti 853
MM B-25 .22, Beeman RS1 Custom .177
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