Shooting Gallery Target Bench


-----I practice using the shooting gallery target bench below. It is a drywaller's rolling scaffold with four locking legs. I roll it out of my garage to the edge of the concrete apron and then set up my shooting station inside the garage, nice to be under cover and out of the wind/cold/heat. I lower the garage door to cut out low angle sun. I have an indoor shooting lane that is 5 feet wide and 55 feet long with lights and ventilation; nice gift from the guy who built my house. I can roll the whole thing into that area too (it is a separate room from the garage and is attached to my reloading area/gun repair bench).
-----On the top shelf I have three full size target holders: an old Daisy model with the Kevlar curtain, an new Archer/Dr. Joe M. trap with duct seal/putty backer, and a Champion steel trap that is rated to full power 22's.
-----On the next level I have six cone traps and one of those steel traps that comes with swinging silhouettes that I shoot with paper targets.
-----On the bottom shelf I have two of the Gamo field targets (two rats -1 1/2" kill zone) that you reset with a pull string and then six high power (up to 357 mag) metal angled shooting plates that I use to back small targets I set on the wood 2x4 that is in front of the plates.
-----When everything is set up, I can shoot for an hour without having to change targets. I have spent pellet/trash cans on the bench, spare target faces, a full set of 20 metallic silhouetttes plus one set of sighters, stapler, marking pens, scoring tool, and two little wind flags on the top two corners of the bench.
-----Leaning against the bench in the first photo are two of my arsenal; a CDT tuned CFX and an AR2078 I bught from Mike M. - you can slso see my Varmint Al's Bi-Fur Pod that cost $1.28 to make and a Cabela's bipod that did not cost $1.28.
-----Hope this post encourages some of you to stay active when there is no game to shoot (check out my post of today in the Hunting Gate about today's late afternoon jack rabbit hunt).

COOL Bob, it's like going  to the archade. Were just missing the rubber ducky's floating in the kiddy pool. That is a very nice setup, the thing's we build to shoot our airgun's. What a great sport. :)  Ed

I am going to add one of those new Gamo Running Deer Target unit to the setup and now that you mention it, some kind of water element to give the whole thing an arcade look. This Spring I will be building a 10 station field target course here at the house (we have almost 4 acres) that will allow for practice in all three shooting positions, shooiting up and down hill, shooting through brush/branches, and for learning how to estimate range. I should be able to have shots from 10 to 50+ yards. Will be using railroad ties for back stops and hope to be able to use most of the shooting lanes for bow and arrow practice also. My dream is to have 50-100 acres in a canyon so that I could have a trap/skeet/sporting clays layout as well as target butts from 10 yards to 500 yards. If God lets me be so indulgent, we can have the first GTA convention plus shoot out along with a Santa Maria Bar-B-Q !!!!

Dang Bob, what an awesome setup. Maybe you should host the GTA get together everone's been talking about! I'll bring my Starling Stew Helper, and Jeff can bring the Jacks. I will also bring my new girlfrienddddd....ummm
 :o ..I mean my CFX just for fun. An airgun arcade....I'm in!!!

WOW Bob!  That is a fantastic setup you have there. I would be in air gun heaven with something like that...:) Nice work and design.

Thanks for sharing with us..



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