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Got my first Nitro Piston rifle last week and have put a couple hundred pellets through it. The manual for the Trail NP (as well as the NPSS) states to put a drop of chamber oil in the compression chamber every 200 shots. Crosman customer service confirmed this but I have read here that gas rams don't need lube.

What are your thoughts about putting chamber oil in the compression chamber?

I read that too, and wondered about it. Manufacturer recommending oil in the chamber has come up before as a hot topic.

I called Crosman yesterday and was put through to a gal in Customer Service. I mentioned what the manual said, and that I can't find the "RMCOIL" mentioned in the manual, anywhere on their website. She said it's there, but you have to click on the item and then the term " RMCOIL" shows up as it's "model number".


The manual only uses Crosman's model number, "RMCOIL" as the title, but if you look for that, you won't find it by that name. Crosman's and Pyramyd's websites  use the title that's actually printed on the Tube, "Silicone Chamber Oil" and "RMCOIL apears only in the order code.

Whoever wrote the manual should have a sit-down with the website person and use the same name in all places.

She said that the RMCOIL silicone chamber oil is used so that the seal does not dry out.

Wanting to find out Crosman's stance on lube in Springer chambers, I said that I'd heard that no oil should be put in the chamber or it can cause problems. She said thats only when it's put in the barrel, but not when it's put in the chamber.


Anyway,   I was thinking that....
1. Because it's  silicone, just like alot of guys use to lube the chamber/piston/seal during a tune.
2. And, because the manufacturer recommends it right in the manual that comes with the gun.
3. And, because the manual only says "one drop every 200 hundred shots", which as it  spreads out over the  surface area of the piston, seal and swept area of the chamber isn't a whole heck of a alot.
4. And, I've used  silicone grease when I put a new seal in my Whisper and it seems to be ok.  

..... I thought I'd get a tube next time I order from Pyramyd - put a drop in - work the piston back and forth a bunch of times to move the silicone oil around, put in a pellet, get down behind the sandbags  and then see how loud and smoky it shoots.  If it blows up, it's still under warrentee.  :D

Your thoughts ? Will it work, or is poor Gene gonna be getting that much more work load in the future ? :D


I do not use Silicone of any kind, in any of my tunes that use a synthetic seal. And to put silicone oil in the barrel is a no no as well..:)

When is the last time you have heard of a synthetic seal drying out????

Gene, Charley, I'm glad you two saw this. I hoped you'd both be interested to hear what the Crosman rep said. Understand, I'm not trying to stir the pot, it's just that  it comes up every now and then, and I think it's a topic that is worth discussing. I  hope it stays civil and productive and we can learn more. If not, I won't be insulted if any of the mods feel they need to edit, or toss it out.  

The gal in customer service  used the term, "dry rot" while talking about the seal drying out.

I've seen old sythethic rubber dry and crack and can understand how anyone seeing those parts would use the term "dry rot". While I've never seen, or heard of it happening with AG's seals, it's very common with some compounds of synthic rubber parts in the auto field, which  is a field I am rather familar with.  But, to hear the term "dry rot" used this time makes me wonder what the seal material actually is in this gun, and how much does the phone person in customer service know about their product.

I have great respect for both of your's years of experiance working on Springers. Please understand that, unfourtunately, we the gun owners are sometimes stuck with comflicting info from,  the company that built the gun and is going to be the only one to cover it under warrentee, and the guys who work on them everyday, repairing, and making them shoot better.

I'm somewhat torn between,  while it's under warrentee I should be doing what Crosman says,...  but with the two of your's combined experiance, another part of me says to ignor Crosman's advice, which then makes me wonder if I'm risking warrentee coverage by not oiling while I'll probably put ten times as many pellets through it without oiling during the warrentee period as Crosman says I should.

Oil, or no oil, whats a poor Springer shooter to do ???  :D  :D



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