Crosman 2240 trigger sear spring ?

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Ok guy's I've heard of some of folk's putting lighter spring's under their trigger sear to get a lighter pull. Any info would be great, thank's, Ed

Put it on a screwdriver and press it down with a washer. Just be careful that it isn't so short that it needs to be stretched out again to fit. :o b.t.d.t.:0
The sear and hammer can also belightly stoned to smooth out the release, but make sure you thoroughly clean the grit residue off or it will be much"stickier" and could even damage the parts.
The crosman guns sure are alot of fun and can be really accurateafter the right trigger work with a good breech and barrel.

For a lighter pull take spring to ace hardware and choose one a bit longer with lighter wire.

BIG THANK'S guy's, followed all the direction's given and WOW!...... NOW WERE COOKIN WITH FIRE hehe. Thank's for all the advice fellow member's, much better. Ed

Thank's mike, the more info the better and I was going to keep it stock, silly me LOL. Ed


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