Crosman 2240 trigger sear spring ?

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what you'll want to do is grab an flat tipped screwdriver, a set of SAE allen wrenches down to .050, a couple Dixie cups, and 2 pairs of channel locks.  Now the Dixie cups are to hold the parts, the allen wrenches and screwdriver are for dissassembly, and the channel locks are for initially taking the valve halfs apart.

Once you have assembled this kit of tools, I want you to completely take the 2240 apart and reassemble it until I call and tell you to stop......please note: The first time you take the trigger assembly apart you will do it wrong and the safety detent ball and spring will go flying into oblivion....don't worry, I've got tons of them to send you:)   (hint: take the grip frame off of the air tube first, then just pour the spring and ball into your Dixie cup.....then you can take the cover off of the trigger and nothing will go flying...yay!)

Once you have taken it apart 3x you will know how to do it blindfolded, and you will also know how everything works in detail.  These are a fun gun to take apart, mod, tweak, and of course shoot.  Enjoy your time, and don't forget Crosman parts are $4 flat rate shipping, so make yourself a shopping list and order all at once!

Oh and never work on it with a CO2 cartridge inside....850psi will ruin your day:(


LOL Dano, but that was some good advice bud. Oh and the spring and  ball does fall out, go figure hehe. Got all the trigger part's polished and back in and am waiting on some special goodies for it.Ed


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