Scope power for shooting 35 to 50 yards (and maybe a little farther)

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I agree, but keep in mind that more magnification generally means more length (and more weight), and since this is a break-barrel, too much length could block access to the breech or force a very awkward shooting position.  You'll definitely want to find out how much room you have to work with before committing to a purchase.

- Orin

I think you've already got the scope you need  on the XL. The XL's CenterPoint 3-9 with fine crosshairs and fine tick-marks has worked well for me on Starlings out to 35 yards, and their kill zone is way smaller than a Chuck's !!!

As the saying goes, "More isn't always better." Hunting game the size of a Ground hog out to 35 - 50 yards, a 3-9 power scope is plenty. Beyond 50 yards you may not be able to keep your shots consistantly in the kill zone no matter what power scope you use. It's the size of the kill zone and at what distances you can put EVERY shot into that size kill zone, that dictates what your gun's shooting limits are. Otherwise you risk missing, or wounding a Critter.

The kill zone on a Chucks head is about 1-1/2 inches. Often, when stalking, l leave the scope on low power so that it has the widest field of view. Using high-powered scopes with their smaller fields of view just makes it tougher to aquire a target quickly.

And, at higher powers and close range, the target is more likely to be a blure, unless the Critter will sit still  while you fiddle with an adjustable objective.  

And, on many of the high power scopes in the lower price ranges, the clearity on their highest power is rather disapointing to put it politely !!!!

If your gonna be punching paper, then yeah, go high power scope.


Mark 611:
Good call Paul I agree with you, I put a 6x24x50aomd on my M-Rod and and I've tried to use it up to 20x and have found out that 12x is plenty even on targets out to 100yds+, I have bad eye sight but feel 9x works for most of the shooting I do and I zero all my AG's at 30yds and do most of my target shooting at 30yds and can consistantly shoot subdime size groups at 30yds so 9x is probly plenty for people with good eye sight out and past the distance were talking about here.

When I got my Savage .223 I was lucky to catch a really good sale at Midway on a Sightron 6-24 AO true mildot for it. My eyes aren't great either and this scope  not only mil-ranges on 24 power, it is VERY clear across the entire field of view at 24 power. It's a great scope for sitting at one end of long hay fields. I can easily see a Chuck head-sized targets out to 300+ yards, ... but, even though the gun shoots under 3/4 inch at 100 yards, I can't consistantly hit a Chuck head-sized kill zone under those field conditions. So I have to move closer to make sure of a humane kill.  

The down side to all that scope power is that even turned down to 6 power, it's not a good "stalking gun". If I come through a hedge row, or over a rise and see a Chuck head sticking up at less than 40 yards, it's not easy to quickly find it in the scope !!!!

In retrospect a 3-12, or at most, or a 4-16 power version of that scope with thier wider fields of view would be a better compromise at the 100-150 yard ranges I realistically use it at.

For stalk-hunting at less than 40-50 yards, it's slightly better than trying to look through a drinking straw !!!! :D


Lots of good advice and suggestions, now I'll throw out a couple :-).  First, what's the caliber on that XL, and what's the power with your pellet of choice?  I've taken ground hogs with a 14 fpe rifle at 35 yards, but that was perfect conditions, I knew exactly what the range was, and I knew my rifle intimately.  PLUS it was a PCP (AA S200), so no recoil.  I consider that the limit for taking game that size at that range, but I'm pretty conservative.  If it's a larger caliber magnum, it might give you more power and range, but the added recoil isn't going to improve your accuracy.  All of which is my long winded way of saying I think your effective, humane kill range is under 40 yards with almost any springer.

Now regarding scopes, that's a different critter :-).  Like many, I zero my guns at 30 or 35 yards.  I find I like 10X for almost everything, and I've gotten away from AO in hunting scopes.  I have 2 of the Center Point 3-9x32 fixed parallax (35 yard) scopes, they're still nice and sharp at 10 yards out to over 50, which is about as far as I typically shoot, and they usually stay at max mag.  I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 fixed parallax on my R9, I reset it for 35 yards.  This combo is my current "go to" gun, it's the one I pack around in my truck with me for whacking starlings.  No messing around with AO or mag, just point and shoot.  And I'm being long winded again.  I guess the bottom line is, if you think more mag will help, it probably will so go for it.  The only variable power AO scope I have right now is a Burris Timberline 4.5-14, which stays at 10X and 35 yards almost all the time.  Later.



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