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My group is funky--they are going to MAKE a decision this coming Monday night, though, and I will have a few rifles on display.  As I mentioned before, I am getting the CO2 powered ones--maybe find a way to put a fitting on the end to fill from a main tank if it'll save us money.  I will have a couple that uses 2 12g CO2 cartridges, and one that uses an 88g cartridge.  I already have an idea what two CO2 cartridges will do (about 60 shots at around 600 FPS).

My questions are are about the 88g cartridges:

1)  How many shots is one cartridge good for at 600 FPS?

2)  Can you refill them?

3)  What is the pressure they operate at?

4)  What is the standard cost of one?

5)  How reliable are they--as in, do they tend to leak at the seal, etc?

6)  How much overall weight will they add to the gun when full?

Again, thanks for all of your help.  I have learned a lot in the short time I have been here.  I don't post much, but have been looking over the threads and reading a lot of information.  Hopefully, I didn't just miss one concerning the 88g cartridges. :o   If I did, you may spank me.  :)


1.  If you are happy with the performance of two 12gr. for 60shots, then the 88gr. would offer  about 3.7 times as many shots (or about 220 shots).

2. NO.  You can adapt them to be refilled, but as issued they are just like a big 12gr.

3. CO2 pressure is the same reguardless of tank size. It changes with temperature, but a tanker-truck of co2 has the same pressure as a 12gr. cartridge at the same temperature.  they build in some safety limts to the 88gr. (and to the 12gr.) so they aren't suppose to unseal themselves until about 1800PSI  (the "safety valve on a 12gr. or on a 88gr. is the thin cap ther the rifle pierces...if you heat one  so that the pressure goes too high, that is where is is suppose to blow out at about 125degrees/1800psi).

4. 88gr.s are the most epensive way to buy co2.  Locally, a pair of 88gr.s will be between $10.50 and $11.50, depending on the store.

5. Not on a gun, just stored, they've been totally reliable (so long as it isn't too hot)...they're bsially bit 12gr. cartridges and store just as well.  On the gun, they seal by way of an o-ring, and if that past it in good shape, seal well.  But any gun can leak (12g., 88gr., or paintball tank) because of bad sealing.

16. Full, they add about  a pound.  Of that pound, only about 3.1oz. is CO2, the rest is the steel 88gr. cylinder.

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Doubt you're getting 60  full power shots with a pair of 12gr. Am sure it's shooting that many times, but the last 15 shots or so are slower than 600fps.

The way co2 works is that there is liquid co2 in the cartridges ( a little less than 1/2oz. in those 12gr. and about 3.1oz. in those 88gr....using 18gr. per ounce as the conversion).  The pressure inside is from the liquid converting to gas; the hotter it is the more pressure.  As you shoot, the gas powers the pellet, and more liquid converts to gas to take the place of the gas  used per shot.  Stays pretty stable so long as there is still liquid to be converted.

Once the liquid has all converted to gas, can still shoot a few shots...but with no liquid converting to add the gas pressure back up, the pressure is constantly dropping.

Thank for the help.  I saw that #3 was a stupid question the way i phrased it.  I was wondering what the pressure of CO2 was, and got carried away with the 88g cartridges.  At least now I know it is 1800 PSI  max--this way, if we can find a way to reload the CO2, I know what pressures to  go to (or NOT to go to).

Are there any REFILLABLE CO2 canisters out there that would work on these rifles?

Not how co2 is's filled by weight...88gr. in one of those AirSourse cans.  At normal temps the pressure is something between 800 and 1100PSI (depending on how warm it is outside).

Bryan & Associates have some gear that will allow refilling an adapted AirSourse can.  Can also adapt some guns to a paintball fitting. But if it is a gun (like the Nightstalker) that covers the 88gr. with the butt stock, may run into a problem with the stock fitting back on.  

Would help to know what gun you have.

For co2 pressures here is a chart, you can print it out for reference..



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