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My father just acquired a QB25 made by Techforce. He hasn't done anything to it yet but wipe some of the gunk out of it. Is anyone familiar with the disassembly of this rifle. He says it has a knurled cap on the end of the tube and two pins forward. He does have a nice spring compressor and a mill and a lathe, so he is mechanically able to make parts, just not familiar with this design. He is somehow getting 15yard cloverleaf groups out of this thing and he says his barrel isn't locking up solid either. If anybody wants to chime in on this one, we're all ears. I'm trying to talk him in to becoming a member. I know you'll read this Dad, so just become a member, these guys and gals are very helpful.

Ralph, I'm not familiar with a QB-25, but if you could post a pic, I may be able to help.

I don't have any pics off hand. I found a site that sells or used to sell these and not a real quality pic. I will try to get my father to join the forum or maybe send me a pic of his rifle. Here is a link to what I have found on it. http://impactparts.com/Guns/TechForceHunting.html

Stephen Archer:
The QB25 is manufactured by Shanghai Airgun Factory. Compasseco is one dealer for these guns in the US, they use Tech Force as a trade name.

You are correct: it's very difficult to discover information about this air rifle. It's not featured in the Shanghai Airguns catalogue or website.

But, I have some samples on order right now and will soon be selling the QB25 - along with a number of other rarely-seen Chinese air rifles in the near future at Archer Airguns. Once I have a QB25 in my hands, I should be able to provide some information about disassembly...

Stephen Archer
Archer Airguns Inc.

...it is fairly straightforward to disassemble. I believe the knurled endcap is held in place by the rear pin. Put pressure on it, pop the pins out, and I think it comes apart pretty normally.

The seal is a screw-in type very similar to the Norica/AR1000 style. The gun itself is a bit of a mutt, it seems to take some design cues from Norica but it has a Gamo-clone trigger. The example I had also had a weak lockup - it uses a ball bearing detent so I don't know if there's much you can do about it.

The gun itself wasn't a bad shooter, but it had a bad spring that continuously lost power just from sitting. The set length kept getting shorter.


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