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Title: Crosman 1077
Post by: tjk on January 27, 2009, 06:45:49 AM

Since this "gate" hasn't yet beenfloodedwith threads, I thought I'd get the ball rolling. A few weeks ago, Aman our company does business with asked me to look over his Benji SS springer. Butone of his employees also asked me to 'fix' his old 1077 CO2 rifle. Seems the powerlet was stuck and he didn't want to fool with it for fear he'd end up with a pile of parts not knowing how to re-assemble it. So I told him I would see what I could do. First off, this poor little gun had seen better days for sure. Like it had been stored away under the house for a long time!!!The 'silver' barrel was oxidizedalot,the dove-tails werechipped where the long-lost scope had been broken off, and pretty much dirty with alot of dust. First thing I did was remove it from the stock dislodged the powerlet and gave it a good wipe down. I didn't see any need to go messing with the internals much further than that so I put it back in the stock and installed a new powerlet with a drop of pelgun oil and fired off a few pellets. So far so good.Next I tried cleaning the barrel with nerv-dull, but wasn'thaving much luck. So out comes the 0000 steel wool and things start looking better. They mustspray a lacuer type finish onit at the factorybecause I gave the nerv-dull another try. Wiped it down and their was deffinatelly some improvement. I thought to myself, what will happen if it gets wet with rain, etc.?!?! Aw what the heck, I cleanned it again and rinsed it off and dried the barrel once again and got out the bottle of bluer. This is when I thought I messed up royally. But I figured I may as well continue and let it dry. Out comes the 0000 steel wool and lo-and-behold,...this little shooter is starting to look alot better!!!!! Almost a light bronzy finish, be ten times better than it looked to begin with. I wiped the whole thing with a silicone cloth and boy does it look great. Next came the doves, and about all I did was dress them up with an exacto knife. I had a spare set of quad-lock rings in my accesories box and put them on. I figured Josh could pick up a cheapo Gamo scope and finish the job!!!! Now for the good part of this tale,.......This is a fun little shooter, and any 11 year-old would have a blast!!!!!! Though not a power house by any means, this old 1077 is pretty accurate at 10 yards!! The 12 round clip makes it alot funner too!!!!I'm sure this young man will make some fond memories, as well asmy friend Josh re-living somefrom his childhood again. And that's the end of my story!!!tjk

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Post by: derekmcminn on January 27, 2009, 09:14:31 AM
Them 12 round magazines go through pellets and CO2 cylinders fast!
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Post by: tjk on January 27, 2009, 11:29:43 PM
They are a alot of fun!! I think I was getting about four clips per cyclinder. But with more use and a drop of pel-gun oil on the powerlets, hopefully that will resesitate the old seals, and it may extend the charge a bit more,...I don't know. CO2's are new to me.tjk
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Post by: scotsman on January 30, 2009, 08:41:18 AM're a good air-bud to have ! That was a good thing ya did, sounds fun too.
Title: Re: Crosman 1077
Post by: birdmove on February 15, 2009, 03:02:48 PM
I picked up a new Crosman 1077 Combo (comes with a Centerpoint 4x32 scope) from Pyramid Air recently, and find it to be a fun shooter.It's been a might cold here in the Pacific northwest, so it hasn't been near ideal temps for a CO2 gun.And the cold is hard on this 55 year old shooter too,making me tend to rush my shots. I've been experimenting with various pellets to find the best shooters in my gun. I tried the RWS Hobbys (suggested by others), Beeman Silver Bears,Crosman Premier wadcutters,and bought a Gamo sample pack too. The Hobbys just don't shoot well in my gun. I've set up the targets at a measured 39 feet/13 yards, and am shooting using a little portable bench rest from a table. The Hobbys won't group any better than maybe an inch. The Beeman Silver Bears are a bit better. The money pellets in my 1077 are the Crosman Premiers, Gamo Match wadcutters, and the Gamo Masterpoints.Best group so far with the Premiers at about 3/8". I have one 4 shot group with the Masterpoints into about 1/4", but a 5th shot flyer ruined it.B.B. Pelletier, in his blog based at Pyramid Air, says his 1077 will shoot dime sized groups all day at 25 yards.
    Its my first pellet rifle, and I can shoot in my own yard!!

    Jon in Puyallup, Wa.
Title: Re: Crosman 1077
Post by: birdmove on July 05, 2009, 03:33:33 AM
Funny how an airgun can change its pellet preferences. Of late, my Crosman (in warm weatehr now) has decided to group very tightly with the RWS Hobbys that I mentioned above.