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Title: RULES FOR: MULTI PUMP RIFLE TARGET MATCH #28 - 8/17/09 -8/23/09
Post by: Big_Bill on February 24, 2009, 06:29:06 PM

Schedule of Multi Pump Air Rifle Matches

The next match will be held:


Since there has been an interest in having a pumper match, I thought I would initiate this weekends match. So here it goes!!!

This match will be for pumper type weapons. Multi or single pumped rifles and pistols. .177and .22 calibers. All sights are permitted.

The style will be "Off-Hand" shooting without any type of rest, support,etc.

The distance will be Ten yards. Eye protectionis advised.

The targets can be the Gamo targets from a store,..or the Gamo5 ringed target down-loadable which is preferred to deter "Cherry-Picking" as T-Cupps refers to. If using the Gamo5, be sure to magnify the printout to 125%.

The shooter has the option of shooting five rounds at four targets, or four rounds at all five targets. All shots (20 total)must be in consecutive order.

Scoring will be the same as is in the General Target Shooting gate Match #2.

Finally the most important rule,.....Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself!!!!!!!