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Scheduled Matches for PCP Rifle Target Shooting

Come on PCP Shooters, let's have some fun !

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Subject: PCP Rifle Match at 30m
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Just to shed some light on the PCP match! (http://"
5th one down, left hand side, 10m AirRifle with 15, inch targets.

Target is the 'Steroid'15 Target at a distance of 30m (This may change in the future if you guys and girls don't have the room!)
15 shots, one per target.
Any sighting device is allowed.
Standing or sitting with a front support. This can be a mono, bi, or tripod that is not fixed to the gun, or some sort of bag but not a gun vice.
The rifle must be shouldered. In other words, without a rear support like another bag.
Targets are scored inward gauging. So if the shot clips the line, the higher score counts.
Sticking with the norm, a clear bull is marked as an 'X' and is counted as a 10.
15 mins for the match to be completed.
Targets to be scored by the shooter.
Scores to be posted in the usual manner by Sunday Midnight (USA time).
Matches run from Sunday midnight to the following Sunday Midnight.

Any ammendments or ideas to make this better, please PM me.

Lets go shooting!

Title: Amendments to the rules
Post by: Truman on April 02, 2009, 06:46:46 AM
The distance is now 30 yards due to the limited space of some competitors.
Any 'Field Target' shooting position is allowed. ie Standing using crossed shooting sticks, offhand, kneeling, prone with or without a bipod attached to the rifle or just a front support. Off a bench with front support only. You can use your other hand under the rear of the gun, but the gun must not be in any type of vice or held artificially.
This should open the game up a touch.

Again, these rules may change if everybody gets bullseyes except me!!  :-)
I'm thinking of a handycap system where Offhand scores more than shooting sticks, and shooting sticks score more than sitting with front support and so on and so on but that I think will come later!