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Title: Chas SC Fun Shoot was a
Post by: TAJ45 on November 07, 2009, 10:30:00 AM
Great disappointment................Had to make it a short stay today and on the way out here was this squirrel nonchalantly STROLLING down Timmy's driveway.  All I can figure is he must be both deaf and blind for not hearing about or seeing what Timmy will do to small four legged rodents..... :p  The lad must be slipping to allow such a flagrant and blatant display to occur on his property.  As I said, a great disappointment.  Must be too bizzy with the stock work is all I can figure.  Hmmmm, didn't see that R9/.20 out today???  Whassup w/dat?  I'd be proud to shoot one that didn't go "twang", just to see what it felt, sounded like.

Met some new folks (to me).  Paul, Mike n' Tiffany, Major Pain, Hollis, Thomas and another whose name escapes me now.  The usual suspects were in attendance.  J arrived much earlier than last time but Ernie and Martin were no shows...........I missed talking with Ernie, I call him crash and bang as his history will reveal that he has been in the middle of such occurrences much too often.  I missed Martin, well, his 10 m rifle and the Izzy to be very truthful.  BTW Martin, I have a 46M cornered and plan on getting it by the end of the month.  Nice to anticipate something good like that.

I tried some 10m targets at abt 15m with my R1 but had much better success with a water bottle at 50yds that everyone was woolly boogering around.  Got my licks in occasionally.......

Didn't get a chance to say "By" to Tommie, think he was showering or game watching.  Didn't want to take a chance on the former........for sure.

OK forumfolks, gotta prep for a training session tomorrow at church.  Picked up a new responsibility last week so need to be prepared.

Keep recycling that air, you know, mash it into a big cylinder, ooze it into a smaller cylinder then squirt it back out again.  Perfect natural balance.  Al Gore would be SOOOOOOO Proud - choke.

Title: Re: Chas SC Fun Shoot was a
Post by: TAJ45 on November 07, 2009, 11:27:58 AM
Hey, sorry Gene, thought the Alert was for E notification when this was replied to...............mia culpa.