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Title: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 14, 2010, 02:47:39 AM
Well, i had a very dissapointing just now... my Gamo Big Cat 1200, is bone stock... not even the CDT trigger yet... i squeezed off on a big fat pigeon that was eating my dogs food, in the yard... i held dead center mass, he was facing me.  "blaming myself" i jerked the trigger, and my shot went awry... i clipped the bird on his left wing, and nearly took it completely off...  The poor creature flopped helplessly while i loaded another Predator Polymag into the rifle, and ended the dance for good.  i sat there in pure shame... as i had wounded a bird.  i don't like doing such.  I immediately walked in, logged onto the GTA Forums, clicked on Classified, Clicked on CDT's link "GRT Triggers are still available" and purchased the Gold Beauty called hte GRTIII.  Point being, if you can't accurately and cleanly take out game, weather it be pests, or food, don't shoot.  my rifle is benched until i get the new trigger installed, and possibly a tune, my groups have started opening up a tad, and i'm getting weary of cleanly killing game.

Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: Big_Bill on May 14, 2010, 03:12:03 AM

I have been there myself Ed,

And after years of looking for a cure or replacement trigger, I discovered the GTA and Bob, CDT !

Ounce installed, my piece of crap Gamo 890S became my GREAT 890S! I can't say enough about how much the GRT-III improved the shoot ability of my air rifle :o And all for just $34.00, the BEST money that I have ever spent, ever !!!!

Just remember that ounce you install the GRT, that it's not old junker, and the pull is so much lighter care must be the word of the day. Do not touch the trigger until you are on target !!! Then squeeze lightly !!!! Your gonna LOVE IT !


Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 14, 2010, 03:29:12 AM
the money was never even the issue, the trigger never bothered me out of the box.  i shoot DAO Pistols, and so i'm accustomed to a heavy trigger, but it seems as of late, i'm jerking the AG very badly... i don't know why.  i can shoot my powder burners, one hole groups at 100yds, i even got out one of them, and dry fired it a few times, to make sure it wasn't me... and i was able to keep the crosshairs on a light pole at about 100 yds, on 18x scope zoom, while pulling the trigger on my target rifle... so i know its not me.  the Gamo has been getting rough as of late... i'm going to do the GRT, and foam fill the stock, this weekend, and possibly send it to gene or ed for a tune... i have to get this thing back shooting... to many pigeons!!!!
Title: Re: Gold Trigger...
Post by: michael90t on May 14, 2010, 03:38:28 AM
trigger, tune, and filling that stock will make it a completly different rifle.... looks at the groups my pops whisper is printing now with my tune and trigger job I did for him.... so definatly tune it or have someone tune it and drop that trigger in... you will be amazed!
Title: Re: Gold Trigger...
Post by: jay morgan on May 14, 2010, 07:28:52 AM
AND if shot's are going wild,most likely seal is going bad,that is what mine started doing & I was blameing myself ,gun,scope,hold every thing,but with new seal & all any flyer is just me(I have run out of excuse's darn)an CDT's trigger is a real plus in any gun.
Title: Re: Gold Trigger...
Post by: gamo2hammerli on May 14, 2010, 08:54:31 AM
Yep, check the piston seal if you plan to open her up.  And check for barrel sway.  The Gamos` plastic cover barrel might have worn out near the pivot/breech block area.
Title: Re: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 14, 2010, 12:03:34 PM
as soon as the GRT arrives... i notified ED that the gun is heading his way.... full turbo tune, i'm kind of a numbers guy, i would really like to see the 8 grain pred hit 900 fps, but i know thats a long shot!!!

Title: Re: Gold Trigger...
Post by: paul on May 14, 2010, 12:20:48 PM
My new NPXL arrived today ,i cleaned bore and installed new gold trigger,Then fired 3 shots in target ,i getting a collection going,saving all my old stock triggers.LOL.
Never even attempted shooting with stock trigger.
BTW, what happen to you ,happened to all of us,you are doing the right thing.
Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: Tim40189 on May 14, 2010, 12:59:58 PM
Best investment you could make in an air rifle.  I own 6 of them now and have installed several for friends, relatives,  and customers.  Haveing Ed tune that gun will make you proud to shoot it.  I have a Air Hawk that I stole (opps), bought from Gene that was one of his personal rifles and it is the most fun shooting it after all the work he did on it that I've ever had with my clothes on.  Ed studied under Gene and Bob and learned the tricks of the tuner you should be really happy with the gun when you get her back.  Best of luck with it.

Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: djmyers on May 15, 2010, 02:21:04 AM
That trigger and filling the stock will definatly help. If its too long of a wait to get a professional tune its easy to knock out a home tune and install a maccari tune kit. That will definatly get you gun smoothed out. Also get the gamo scopes off it if you are still using one. I put my leapers tactedge on it and am having a blast with my big cat. From beginning to end it took about 2 hours to take it apart and bebur and install all the parts. FIlled the stock with the self expanding foam and its a nice shooter.

ANd dont think about that last shot when you take your next. 2nd guessing yourself and your abilities right when the hammers about to drop will mes you up everytime. Just relax and do what you know how to do.
Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 17, 2010, 01:52:24 PM
Gold Trigger Just arrived.... pulling gun apart in about 15 minutes.  going to fill stock with socks or whatever i can find.  we'll see what that does!!!! Best of luck to myself!!!!

Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 17, 2010, 03:04:55 PM
ok, installation took a whopping like.. 3 minutes.  i'm impressed CDT!!!!!!  Thanks for a quality product!  now i have to get used to how light the trigger is!  now i have this little H shaped plastic piece left over... i need to figure out where it came from...  rear of the trigger housing it hink...
Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: 454 Big Block Chevy on May 17, 2010, 03:31:31 PM
Alright, all pieces are accounted for, and re installed, no problems.  my initial thoughts.

1st stage, very short, super light trigger.
2nd stage, holy SH@#$ you had better be on target...

i just put some CPHP's into a phone book, and i noticed something, my BC sounds different, and is cocking different... sounds/feels like about 50% more power now... any chances my stock / action screws were binding somewhere?  i looked at the spring, and from what i can tell, looking through the slide under the stock, its in one piece, and looks great... i still need to fill the void in the stock, but my wife came into the garage, thin king i was shooting a powder burner... not dieseling.. no smoke, or smell... i passed a Simple Green patch through it, and only light leading from pellets... i'm super confused now... i guess i won't really know until i put the BC on paper... and see how it shoots... but overall, Super easy installation, and very nice shooting characteristics.

Title: RE: Gold Trigger...
Post by: knight1957 on June 05, 2010, 12:50:05 PM
You will love the gtr 3 I spent a whole year with my Whisper to see if gamos brain fart trigger would improve the trigger did't I finaly got the GTR 3 for the Whisper and my Crosman Seirra Pro.Man the differance.The Whisp  was a good shooter before but now it's a nail driver..Whish they made a trigger for my Beeman GS 1050!!