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Title: Shin Sung Career Fire 201 9mm
Post by: DonTMN on May 19, 2010, 08:38:47 AM
Bumped into one of these last weekend and darn if it didn't follow me home with a couple of tins of Eu Jin pellets.  Have yet to get to shoot it though, maybe this Saturday.  Just hung a BSA Sweet 22 6X18 Scope on it so I hope it will hold up.

Anyway if there is someone else on the board shooting one of these I would love to know what you shoot in it for ammo and if you have any suggestions to help me shorten the learning curve.

I have ordered some .360 cast round balls to try in it along with the pellets I got with it.  How about cast bullets used in modern guns or do I need to stay with bullets cast of pure lead?  I know that Pyramid has cast bullets for air guns by air venturi for about $20 a hundred but I already have about 500 cast bullets (Meister's I think) for a 9mm pistol I would prefer using but don't want to damage the barrel.

Would love to hear your thoughts...

Title: RE: Shin Sung Career Fire 201 9mm
Post by: melloroadman on May 19, 2010, 01:41:47 PM
I swag my own .357 bullets for mine . The round balls I have never tried but have heard good reports from others . The rifles will not group with hard cast bullets . I just did a test with mine . I cast and swag both and have a bhn tester . I used the same swag die and the bullets were all the same weight . The only difference was in the bhn of the bullets . Pure lead or bhn 5 and it is a tack driver at 50 yards . Went to a 10 bhn bullet and lost the grouping with one flyer after another . Went back to a 7bhn and the grouping came right back . Also if the rifle has not been tuned and you are going to shoot 50 plus yards stay away from heavy bullets . 80 - 100 grains or they will start to yaw on you .I have been shooting around 87 grains and have eliminated mose of the flyers and yawing bullets at 50 yards  The avatar picture is the swaged bullet I did the testing with .Marvin
Title: Re: Shin Sung Career Fire 201 9mm
Post by: Jaymo on June 08, 2010, 06:30:39 PM
Marvin, where do you get the lead wire for swaging your bullets? Also, where did you get your core cutter?  I'm thinking about swaging .452" bullets with my .45 swaging die, and then paper patching them like the old black powder cartridge loads.
Do you recall if 909 is .454 or .457?
I have a .454 round ball mold, and a Ruger Old Army round nosed conical mold that drops out at about .455. Also have Lee REAL .45,  Lee .45 Minie, and T/C .45 Maxi molds.
Title: WIRE
Post by: melloroadman on June 10, 2010, 05:06:31 AM
I dont . But roto metals is cheaper that either of the Corbins . The core cutter can be bought through either of the Corbins . I cast my own cores and swag them . I bought a core mold from Richard Corbin . But I also use a drilled out Lee mold for makeing some cores .
The 909 is chambered at .454 with a .457 grove . I use .457 R.B. and .454 bullets . Lee makes a line of rezer dies that are not much at Natchez or Midway .Marvin
Title: RE: Shin Sung Career Fire 201 9mm
Post by: Butcher on June 10, 2010, 10:45:27 AM
These boolits look real good for the Ultra.  I like the flat meplat for hunting.  Not sure, but I think this may be the Lyman #356632 design.