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Title: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: longislandhunter on June 04, 2010, 03:32:18 PM
Earlier today I was shopping in Walmart and noticed they had marked the .177 Storm XT combos down to $54 bucks.  Well, there was no way I could pass up that deal so I came home with one.  The outside of the box also had a picture of a  "newly designed" trigger on it, the trigger looked almost identical to the GRT that we all know and love, so this "new" trigger had me intrigued.  

A little while ago I took the rifle out of the box and gave it a good inspection.  I was very pleased with the rifle.  It had a really nice wooden stock that was very comfortable to shoulder and it had a very nice staining job on it as well along with some nice grain to the wood.  The stock was also completely free of any indentations, scratches or even rub marks.  Next came the metal.  I was just as happy with the metal as I was with the wood.  It had a very nice bluing job on it that was even and consistent from one end to the other and again I was unable to find even one scratch or discoloration on the metal.  So far so good.  

The sights are fiber optic and are pretty nice and easy to aim with.  I don't use open sights on any of my rifles due to my eye glass situation but I was able to use these sights fairly easily and was popping a tin can at 25 yards with almost every shot.  I'll still mount the scope on the gun but the open sights are indeed pretty nice.  

The cocking cycle of the rifle was very  nice.  Nice and smooth and consistent each time.  The lockup was nice and tight and there was no indication of any barrel movement at all once locked shut.  The firing cycle of the gun was just as nice as everything else.  No twang at all, no vibration, just a solid thunk with a nice recoil.  

The rifle has a very nice, soft, comfortable rubber butt pad that feels very nice when shouldered.  

Now comes the trigger that had me intrigued so much.  I haven't  taken the gun apart yet or removed the trigger group for closer inspection but except for the fact that the trigger is blued from the outside it looks almost exactly like the GRT that we all know and love.  knowing that looks can be deceiving I was expecting the worst when I fired the gun for the first time but after that first shot I had a big smile on my face.  I took quite a few more shots and each time I smiled after the shot.  The trigger is fantastic  !!  :)     Really nice first stage, very nice second stage with a very predictable crisp break.   I almost felt like I was shooting one of my guns that has a GRT.  I know that's quite a compliment to give a stock Crosman trigger but it's true.    

The rifle came with a non AO Centerpoint 3x9x32 scope that appears to have nice clarity and nicely operating magnification adjustment, but we'll see how it holds up and performs when I get down to pellet testing and final sight in.  the scope rings that come with the scope are of course "cheesy" cheap rings so I'll use one of the 1 piece Accushots I have in the workshop.

I did some off hand grouping tests with CPL's at 15 yards and with the open sights I was getting dime sized groups consistently.  I'm really looking forward to getting the scope on her and seeing what she can do.  

For $54 bucks I'm tempted to go back to Walmart tomorrow and pick up another one......


I still have chrony and pellet testing to do but so far I think I got a great bargain for my $54 dollar investment.  Should make a great hunter once I get her all set up and sighted in.  

Title: Re: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: ray1377 on June 05, 2010, 06:36:31 AM
good review jeff
I picked up a storm xt last week.
I paid $109, so I'm thinking its not the marked down one.
And mine came with a centerpoint 4x32.
Mine has a very nice metal trigger also.
I've adjusted it so that it doesn't have such a long first stage and then the second stage is very predictable.
I know I can hit my table spoon size spinner targets from 25 yds almost every shot.
And I was never able to do that with the beeman rs2 I had before.
I like this gun and am seriously thinking about a tune kit for it with the thrust bearing tophat and tarantula spring.
Sorta thinking about sanding the stock and putting on a couple coats of tru-oil.
I'm glad you got one for $54, but even at $109 I consider mine a bargin.
Title: Re: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: longislandhunter on June 05, 2010, 06:44:07 AM
I agree with you Ray,, even at $109 I think it's a good deal.   I have a G1-Extreme, I believe it's the same internals as the Storm, that tuned up really nice last year.  The rifle shot nice right from the box but after the tune it was awesome, so smooth it's amazing.  I'm sure the Storm XT's will tune up just as nicely.  I have no plans on tuning mine right now since it's shooting so darn nice, but if it needs it later on down the road I'm sure it'll tune up nicely...

Title: Re: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: arbantelope on June 15, 2010, 03:47:46 AM

Hey Jeff. Bought a couple of the Storm XT's @ $54. Used CPHP pellets for the chrony shots. 20yard quickie groups.

Shhh, don't tell my wife: The tuned Storm already has a 8 to 10 kills - Pigeons, Sparrows, Grackles, Dove and my first Jackrabbit ever.

The 3-9x32 scope, while acceptable is kinda small to settle in behind....but I need to move it back as far as I can get it. Great to have the site up. My trigger finger started to get buffed like our crappy governor, so for now I zip tied the trigger return spring to the trigger.I agree, the trigger is workable for sure. I want to rip it apart and polish all the right spots.....some day. lol

Alan - NorCal

Title: Re: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: longislandhunter on June 15, 2010, 12:18:25 PM
Congrats Alan on getting a couple of the $54 Storms.... I'm still searching the local Walmarts to see if I can get another one.  Looks like both your Storms shoot well, especially the tuned one......  very nice  :)

Ya can't beat that for $54 bucks   :)

As for tellin the wife..... I won't tell yours if you won't tell mine   LOL  :)

Title: Re: Crosman Storm XT .177 cal
Post by: Schmidty25 on June 16, 2010, 11:51:04 AM
I wasn't able to get that great deal!  I wish I were though.  I'd have one in a heartbeat at 54 dollars.