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Title: More XL Chrony Numbers
Post by: ezman604 on June 19, 2010, 09:44:13 AM

MAN is it hot outside. Al Gore, here's your global warming!!!! (http://../jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-surprised.gif)

On the west coast of TN anyway. LOL

So, with the weekend comes more time to play. I spent the week assembling and rebuilding an XL1100 I got from a fellow member. I replaced the bent barrel (after a few modifications) with an SS.22 barrel I had spare from all the parts gathering I've done. Replaced the trigger group and added a Tuna trigger. I've got a custom made shroud coming for it next week. I also had 3 more rounds (the heavies) to test in my XL1500. Here's the results from this mornings chrony testing. Later this evening, after it cools down a bit and I get my "honey dos" done, I'll get my targets out and align the scopes to the best of these tested. Looks like the heavies win out as far aslowest spread and power in the XL1500. But the lighter Beeman Silver Bear 12.65gr wins out in the .22 with more power and speed. Just not as good on the average spread, even though I don't think 23.9 is TOO bad. Just hope they punch paperto match these recordednumbers. Will stick with the round that is firstly, the most accurate, then with the most power.

Benjamin Trail NP XL1500:

Pellet  AVG fps AVG Spread AVG fpe
CPHP 7.9gr  1136.85 21.53 22.68

Crosman Destroyer 7.9gr  1109.36 18.59 21.6

Crosman Destroyer EX 7.9gr  1127.73 38.89 22.3

Gamo Red Fire 8.0gr  1123.75 28.01 22.44

Beeman Crow Magnum 8.8gr 1095.5 19.66 23.46

Gamo Rockets 9.6gr  1019.78 28.63 22.17

CPUM 10.5gr  990.12 13.37 22.86

Beeman Kodiak  999.96 13.94 23.54
Extra Heavy 10.6gr

Benjamin Trail NP XL1100:
Pellet  AVG fps AVG Spread AVG fpe
Beeman Silver Bear 12.65gr 979.97 23.90 26.98

CPHP 14.3gr  909.77 17.21 26.29

Gamo Rocket 14.3gr  919.33 32.68 26.84

H&N Crow Magnum 18.21gr 808.49 13.86 26.44

I just popped a 10oz plastic soda bottle set out at 50 yards with the XL1500 and Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy. That's before even tweaking the scope to these rounds. I had zeroed it for CPUM but I'm sure the POI will change some with the Beeman Kodiak rounds. I'm still in awe of the difference in the operation of the XLversus the SS. The sheer power, accuracy and smooth firing cycle are amazing. The XL series has the power output of many PCP guns and so far, a very flat trajectory out to 100 yards.

Happy Shooting!!!!



Title: Re: More XL Chrony Numbers
Post by: paul on June 19, 2010, 10:12:57 AM
Very nice info ,Dave :)
Title: RE: More XL Chrony Numbers
Post by: ezman604 on June 19, 2010, 05:39:30 PM

VERY interesting and fun afternoon of target punching, scope tweaking and pellet testing. I set my target backstop at the usual 25 yards. Iattached several Shoot-N-C targets as well as some I printed. For fun, I added some paintballs sitting on top of golf tees and some lollipops.

The center ofthe squareShoot-N-C is where I aligned the XL1500 with Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy 10.6gr rounds. Took a couple of shots to get it in the 10 ring but stacked them fairly well as long as I did what I was supposed to do. I pulled a couple of times. The shots in the lower right and left were on purpose, not pulls. I'm notTHAT bad of a shot, normally. LOL


After getting it where I wanted, I popped two paintballes and two lollipops (one shot each) on the right side. After doing some tweaking of the scope on the XL1100, I popped two paintballs on the left side. Didn't shoot the lollipops, it was getting dark. I love watching things explode.

This was my first encounter with scope shimming. I bought a CenterPoint 4-16X40 at Wally World and attached it to the XL1100. I applied locktiteyesterday and let it set for several hours. I started withH&N Crow Magnums 18.21gr and it was firing 4" low after reaching the fullelevation adjustment. Icut up a 16 oz Dr Pepper bottle and made a shim from part of it. I slid this under the rear mount and retightened carefully. Shooting this target, I had to make a couple of tweaks but it fell right in within 4 clicks of guesstimatedcenter adjust. Again, a couple of fliers due to operator error and rushing.


Then I switched to the Beeman Silver Bear 12.65gr ammo. Had to adjust a bit but it fell in and ripped the bull very consistantly.

( hole on the left side of the chipmunk (on paper)is wherea fireflylanded. I couldn't resist and yes, nailed it!!!! LOL

Now I'm in a conundrum. My belief is the MOST important consideration in shooting (hunting or paper punching) is accuracy. The next important item in hunting is knockdown power. Now I've shot two very different rounds in the XL1100 with very impressive results. The Beeman Silver Bear gave me the best velosity and surprisingly the best fpe numbers. The spread of a 10 shot group was 23.9 fps. They averaged 979.97fps in velocity. They generated an average of 26.98 fpe.

The H&N Crow Magnum weiging in at 18.21gr averaged only 808fps with an average of 26.44fpe. The spread over a 10 shot string was a mere 13.86fps. Not a lot of difference in energy but almost 180fps difference in how fast the Beeman Silver Bear makes it to the target. Crow Magnum has a lower spread, which SHOULD translate to more consistancy and accuracy. I just think a larger projectile generating almost the same energy should be more acceptable as a hunting round. But the Silver Bear generates slightly more energy and gets there faster.

What do you guys think? I want to set the scope for one round and get my order on the way to PA for a stockpile.

Oh, and CPUM and CPHP shot equally as well in the XL1500 with VERY little scope tweaking.

Happy Shooting!!!!



Title: RE: More XL Chrony Numbers
Post by: rocker1 on June 20, 2010, 02:56:40 AM
If the  struts in these rifles hold up they are going to be unbeatable for the price,. not counting the exercise we get from cocking them lol!!!!. thanks david