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Title: Took my wife & kids to the Airshow Yesterday
Post by: SDale on June 20, 2010, 09:26:23 AM
We all packed up and headed to San Carlos for the Vertical Challenge at the Hiller Aviation Museum. We were there ALL DAY. My feet are STILL aching! So is my belly! Funnel cakes, garlic fries, fried jalapenos, fried EVERYTHING! Even FRIED COKE! Never seen that one before!

It was a fun day. LOTS and LOTS of Helicopters, gyro copters, RC Heli's, Kites. THe Army, Airforce & Marine Corps were there showing off their aircraft. The Coast Guard and Highway partol did a few S.A.R. Demos and the guys that work on live power lines showed off a bit too!

THEN.... The HARRIERS!!! A pair of Harrier Jump Jets did a few Fast & Slow Fly-By's and some Knife Edge passes.

All in all... It was a good day!!!

Title: Re: Took my wife & kids to the Airshow Yesterday
Post by: DanoInTx on June 21, 2010, 04:12:30 PM
Awesome buddy!

I used to love the air shows when I was in the military stationed down in San Diego.  When you say San Carlos do you mean the city that is sandwiched between San Mateo/Belmont and Redwood City?   If so I grew up in San Mateo and actually did a check ride out of San Carlos airport once when I was in A&P school.  I know they used to get the Blue Angels to do shows out at Moffet Field in....Santa Clara?  Last air show I went to out here in Texas the noise from the jets scared my little one so bad we had to leave....yes, I admit it, I was a little bummed out:(  Best airshow I have EVER been to was just a few months after Operation Desert Storm in 91'.  It was aboard ship!  Is that an SH60 you're leaning against?  Man, that sure brings back memories....I admit, I'm a little jealous:)
Title: Re: Took my wife & kids to the Airshow Yesterday
Post by: SDale on June 21, 2010, 06:15:25 PM
Yup! That'd be the place Dano! The Angels haven't flown out of Moffeit since they Decommed the base and turned it over to NASA. I try to make it across the bay to San Francisco every year for Fleet Week and watch them fly.

Yes sir, that is a Marine Corps SH-60. My daughter said it was her favorite 'cause it looks like a big tadpole!

The noise wasn't too bad. The show was 99% heli's. We got some noise when the C5 did a slow 'n low. And an ear knocker when the Harriers buzzed the flight line.

We were planning on going back on Sunday to watch the military birds take off. But we ended up seeing most of them fly over sitting in the back yard. My wife is still amazed at how military aircraft sound so much different than the civilian stuff.

Talk about a shipboard airshow... On my second boat, we we out in the gulf steaming to Bahrain and during an UNREP I watch a sqadron of Super Hornets do touch and gos and fast break aways. A couple looooooow supersonic passes too. That was a sight to behold!!