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Title: GSE At The GTA
Post by: kirby999 on September 07, 2007, 10:19:08 AM
Georgia Shooting Event,  When : This Sunday , 9/09/07  Where: Airgunning Atlanta in Covington, Georgia  What: Field Target Match -Open to the Public.  First match is Free , no entry fee . 20 target Hunter match followed by a 40 target field target match . Practice around begins 8:30 am . kirby
Title: September AA field target match
Post by: kirby999 on September 09, 2007, 11:48:35 AM
We had five shooters show up today at our match . Some of the regulars were up in Kentucky at a big match this weekend . But a fun time was had by all that attended . In the hunter match Scott shot a 16 out of 20 for top honors , followed by Jon and Doug who tied with 11 followed by yours truly with a 10 . I was the only piston shooter there today . Scott's 9 year old son Nickoli shot a 6 , which was low for him , but he and his dad were sharing his son's gun because dad's gun was in transit from being repaired . I think Dad messed with his scope ; hehehe . On the regular field match , I left right after I finished the course and the only scores I have are mine and Jon's. Jon shot a 29 out of 40 and I shot a 23 out of 40 using my TX200 set up for hunter class. Jon was shooting his Air Arms S400 F/T with all the bells and whistles . If I can stay close to his score I"m happy . I think I finally found myself a springer I can shoot. I'll post the other scores when I find them out. kirby
Title: RE: September AA field target match
Post by: jon on September 09, 2007, 12:08:47 PM

Doug 36
Jon 29

Piston (hunter style) no- bi-pod, standard rules,,,,,darn it Kirby you always gotta make things so hard on yourself!!! LOL
Kirby 23

Hunter (shot the big match with a bi-pod)
Scott 26
Nicholai? (sp) ???? Not sure, poor little guy was very dissapointed, we all have those days.

If it hadnt have been for David and Doug, my score would have really stunk, my scope knob was off by alot, there suggestions (after trying to beat into my thick skull what they were saying) saved my day.  The Bammer shot like a champ today, so did the TX.

I'm worried when Kirby picks the gun he likes I'm gonna be in trouble, no matter what gun he has he puts up a solid performance.

The talk Doug and I had at lunch was not good for me, I just contacted Steve Cochran about a full-up custom stock, so my "side guns" may be sold to fund it.