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Title: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: dank on February 21, 2008, 08:57:18 AM


Good Points(

Very good ergonomics, pistol grip, shoulders well, decent size, nice weight,
single pump, and a five shot clip.


Bad Points

Although it seems to be sturdy plastic there is a lot of it.
Comes with only one 5 pellet clip and a single shot plug.
Trigger could be better and can be if you're willing to work on it.



How do you rate a rifle when everyones criteria is so different?

I'll try to rate a 10 Meter Practice Target Rifle that retails for $75.00.
Daisy has hit the mark and beyond with this gun.
They call it the 953 Target gun. Exactly what it is.
They don't claim it's a hunting gun or a 20 meter competition gun.
It was designed to be a practice ten meter target gun and extremely small game rifle..
With respect to their attempt to make an affordable straight shooting target rifle I think they succeeded completely. The fact that it sells for $75.00 is simply a bonus.
I own 25 rifles, although none of them are competition guns some are very expensive and shoot very well. At ten meters this will compete with the best of my guns.
I'm constantly amazed at how much accuracy I get out of this gun.
This is the specs for the Daisy powerline 953 Pro.(
# Weight: 6.40 lbs
# Barrel Length:20.88"
# Overall Length: 39.75"
# Capacity: 5 round(s)
# Barrel: Rifled
# Front Sight: Fiber Optic
# Rear Sight: Fiber Optic
# Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
# Trigger adj.: Two-stage non-adjustable
# Apprx. Trigger Pull: 6.00 lbs
# Powerplant: Single-stroke pneumatic
# Suggested for: Target practice.

Compare them to Daisy's more expensive 853.
These are the specs for the AVANTI 853CMP by Daisy That retails for $357 dollars and comes with a wonderful competition Lothar Walther barrel.(
# Weight: 6.40 lbs
# Barrel Length:20.88"
# Overall Length: 39.75"
# Capacity: 1 round(s)
# Cocking Effort:25 lbs.
# Barrel: Rifled
# Front Sight: Globe with Aperture Inserts
# Rear Sight: Diopter/micrometer adjustable
# Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
# Trigger adj.: Single-stage
# Apprx. Trigger Pull: 5.50 lbs
# Buttplate: Plastic
# Action: Bolt-action
# Powerplant: Single-stroke pneumatic
# Suggested for: Competition
So it seems you are paying for the Walther Barrel and the diopter sights plus some more small bonuses I'm sure, but, I've read that essentially it's the same power plant and inner workings along with the $300+ 753 and 853.
Kudos to Daisy for offering the 953 Targetpro.
So you shouldn't expect to go out hunting with this gun but at a ten meter range among non professionals you will spank your friends with their springers

I'd have to compare it to my IZH 61 very closely.
Title: RE: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: cole5169 on February 29, 2008, 02:57:15 AM
I've been wanting to get one of these, maybe two.  Do they have a kit including the diopter sights, or is it open-only with the 953's?

Reason for getting the "maybe" second one, is I'd like to try to put a slide-check in the valve, see if I can get 2 or 3 pumps in it.  I've heard the cocking handle might not be up to the strain, though.

I know there are cheap multi-pumps out there, but tinkering with the original equipment is half the fun!

Looks like I need to make MORE room in the cabinet...

Thanks for the review, -JC
Title: RE: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: on February 29, 2008, 03:20:58 AM
an accurate pneumatic rifle without the need for dive cylinders etc. etc. for $75, sound very good to me, and the $282 you wisely saved on that gun can be carefully used to pay for .....aaaah......guns?


Title: Re: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: Daniel L on March 05, 2008, 07:04:04 AM
Mine has proven to be deadly accurate at 10m with JSB Exacts - very ragged one hole groups. I was surprised and actually makes it one of the most accurate guns in my collection.
I think the stock is a bit on the small side for most adults - the more expensive models have a longer length of pull I think.

Its usually the rifle I pull out for friends to do backyard (10 yard) plinking on silhouettes and spinners. They love it!  I have a 6x Leapers Bugbuster on it.
I installed the 753 / 853 / 953 sear that CDT used to sell - it's fantastic!!

All in a all, a real "fun gun" that won't break the bank.
Title: RE: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: on March 05, 2008, 03:08:43 PM
Hey Cole:  You can get diopter sights for your 953 from Daisy.  Order the ones for the 853 if you are on a budget.  The rear  is plastic and pot metal but very usable.  The adjustment is a bit soft as the mechanism is plastic but it only costs about $15.00 + change and shipping.  The front includes a new  barrel weight  and costs about $11.00+ change and shipping.  It's a bit cheezy but it includes several stamped out inserts, again a bit cheezy but really quite usable. Tell them you need to replace the sights on your 853 and you will get what you need.

Not fine German quality but certainly adequate for anything short of serious competion.

If you are on a bigger budget, get the front and rear for the 753.  The rear is metal (aluminum I think) and will be about $60.00 the front is plastic but well made and around $11.00 but doesn't include mutiple inserts. I think you can get them separately.  (Although they are listed as an upgrade for the 953 in the literature included with my 953, they would not sell them to me - go figure.  The customer service rep said they are in short supply and I needed the serial # for a 753 to buy them  -  go figure.  Maybe a differernt customer service rep will be more helpful.  Pyramid air has the rear for $59.95 last time I checked .  These are good basic target sights, much higher quality than the 853 sights.  (In the past, serious target shooters have noted that some of the 853 rears have a bit of play, that is, 8 up, 8 right, 8 down and 8 left won't put you back to exactly where you started).  

Note: the 753 front sits much higher than the 853 to accomodate the higher 753 rear.  It's be sure to get the matching front and rear.

With either sight, just  add 3 clicks in the desired direction and then go 3 back which will eliminate any play.  I believe this is noted on the 853 rear instruction sheet.

The 953 is a real bargain, very accurate and with the 853 sights and Pilkinton trigger mod, a great first competitive target rifle.  You can spend a lot more and not see any improvement until your shooting gets to a fairly high level.

Good luck with yours,

Title: Re: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: on March 05, 2008, 03:25:52 PM
Hey Daniel.  Check with Daisy,  I think they you can get the spacers that come with the 853 to give a greater length of pull. They should  fit the 953 as well and shouldn't cost much.  I think there are several included which will increase the length of pull by about 1 1/2" again if memory serves.  I think the 853 now comes with the same heavy plastic target stock as the 953 rather than the earlier wooden stock with the sloping sporter pistol grip, so the spacers should fit, or you could make your own.

If you can't get an after-market sear, a polish and the Pilkington trigger mod will give a very nice trigger.  Mine "breaks like glass" with virtually no overtravel.  I dialed in a tiny amount of "1st stage" take-up as that's the way I like my triggers, but it can be set up with no take-up, just right here right now let-off.  It's one of the best triggers of any rifle I have.

Title: Thanks Tom
Post by: cole5169 on March 05, 2008, 11:20:50 PM
I was looking at the 753 diopter on Pyramyd Air's site when I wrote my earlier post.  That seems to be the way I would want to go.  "Target" rifles need target sights!

Gotta ask, what's the Pilkington trigger mod?  Do you have a link to anything concerning this?

And, since you seem to know how to order stuff from Daisy :)  :)  Think there's any chance of wangling a Walther barrel out of them, and would I be able to fit that to a 953?

Just waiting til midnight ("payday") and then I'm ordering at least one 953...might just be the one, so I can afford the sights, too.

Talk to you later, -JC

Title: RE: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: kirby999 on March 06, 2008, 01:20:34 AM
I've had one of these for a while now . They are great backyard safari rifles . I wouldn't try to shoot a squirrel with one . Not enough power . My only shoots around 400fps. But they are great for shooting Bees, wasps , and grasshoppers . Oh ,and did anyone say they were quiet ? A fun little rifle . kirby
Title: RE: Thanks Tom
Post by: on March 06, 2008, 07:08:32 AM
Hey Cole.  The 753 is definately a better sight, but the 853 will do just fine unless you are a real serious target man.  

To order from Daisy, just call their customer service number, which is on their web site.  You might try them first for the sight(s) and the Walther barrel - get everything at once and save on shipping and handling.  Seems to be the luck of the draw on which customer service rep you get as to whether they will sell it to you.  Crazy if you ask me.  

Tell them you are a competetive shooter and need them as yours were stolen off the gun at a match while it was left unattended  and that the barrel crown was also damaged during the theft.  They may buy it, but they wouldn't sell the 753 sights to me without a serial # off a gun.  If they ask for a serial number, tell them you are at work and don't have the gun with you.  Might work  -  worth a try.

I understand that the Walther barrel will fit no problem.  I am told it includes part of the receiver as well and runs about $90.  Haven't tired it myself as my 953 with the standard barrel and 853 signts shoots far better than I can.

If you get the 753 rear sight be sure to get the 753 front sight as well.  The 753 rear is much taller and I don't think it will adjust low enough to work with the 853 front.  

You can also get the QB target sight from Archer Airguns.  It's a chinese made clone of one of the fine German sights.  It is all metal, aluminum and steel and while not up to German standards for fit and finish it works quite well. About the same cost as the 753 sight.  It also may need the 753 front sight as it is quite tall.  Don't know tho - it mounts on an elevated accessory rail on the QB so it may be OK - I have never tried it myself.

Go the the Pilkington web site and look around. I don't have the link handy, but Google Pilkington and it should come up. He has a section on mods with the 753,853,953 trigger mod.  It's not that hard to do and the results are great.  The 953 is somewhat of a pain to disassemble/reassemble, so do a search and get a diagram.  When I had mine apart, I removed the clip advance mechanism.
I only use the single shot insert tray and felt the clip advancing mechanism made cocking hard and grauncy.  As I don't use the clip I left it out. Don't think if affects the trigger but it is connected to the mechanism.

When you remove the barrel there is a small square plastic shim that falls out.  I think it goes between the barrel and tube at the rear.  It doesn't appear in any diagram I have seen. That's where I put it and it shoots fine that way.  If you happen to notice where it originally was, I would love to know.  On the 753 diagram they show a similar looking shim that goes foreward on the stock but there is no place I can see, with the hollow 953 fore-end, that it would work.  Go figure.  

Good luck
Title: Re: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: dank on March 30, 2008, 03:04:40 AM

A solution for small butt.


Title: Re: Review of Daisy PowerLine TargetPro 953
Post by: Rontier on October 03, 2009, 09:39:01 AM
Now you just shot down my Quest Ha,Ha.

Thats cool (?) are they Quiet or like a fire cracker?