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Title: Air Arms S400 Carbine 12fpe model
Post by: DanoInTx on July 31, 2008, 02:46:49 PM
I shot a friends AA S410 Classic .22 a couple years ago and decided at some point I would own one for myself.  This particular friend of mine lives on quite a few acres of land where he can really do some high powered airgun/firearm shooting with no fear of neighbors, me on the other hand live in Suburbia where things have to be a little more subdued.  Now don't get me wrong I've owned some pretty high powered guns including a Sumatra .22, a 44+fpe Talon .22, an FX Black Widow .22, and a Career 707 II .177, and I'm sure I'll own some more, but I wanted something I could shoot every day as well as when I get some extra yardage.  I've kept my eyes on the Air Arms guns and watched their prices skyrocket over the last few months, so when I got a good offer for a used one I quickly accepted.  AA S400C arrived double boxed from a private seller two days ago.  This gun is used, but I would say it is near perfect, I am pleased to say the least.

The first thing you notice on this gun is the great factory stock, this gun screams quality.  I got the beech stock, but it's a really well detailed stock with heavy checkering and a great finish.  I am really picky about ergonomics, and while I don't consider this a target stock, it is a VERY shoulderable sporter with a comfortable LOP.  The bad part is that I am a little anal about ergonomics and I find the grip area to be a little too thick for me (personal taste I spose).  The style is great though and it really is a step up from most factory stocks I've seen, kudos to Air Arms on that.  The action is very clean, no nonsense piece of work with excellent fit and finish...also screams quality.  The bluing is polished and deep, however not quite as nice as I've seen on some of the HW's and actually the S400's springer brother the TX200, still really good and nothing I would kick out of bed, just not spectacular.  The bolt handle feels a little small in the hand, but this isn't a 30-06, it's an air rifle, and the action cycles SUPER smooth.  As I mentioned before I have shot a regular FAC S410 and I don't know if the lighter spring is what makes the difference or the fact that I'm not turning a magazione, but this action is smooth as butter compared to the other.  One thing I immediately noticed when I finally got to shoot this gun was the lack of a bolt probe o-ring.  The oring is actually in the breach of the barrel rather than on the bolt.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, on one hand you don't have an oring that is constantly exposed to the elements, and on the other hand you have an oring that the pellet slides over every time you load the gun....action slides real smooth, so I guess it doesn't drag across that oring too much?  The trigger, it's all been said before, this trigger is excellent.  I haven't even adjusted it and I am also really picky about triggers.  Two stage adjustable to first stage, second stage and pull weight, smooth first stage and just a itsy bitsy tiny bit of creep before the second stage lets go, but I'm sure I could adjust that out.  The trigger blade is nice and ergonomic, and yes trigger ergonomics matter, try shooting a bone stock BAM B50 and you'll see how much it matters.

I've only got about 15 rounds through it now since I'm still a little beat up from a flu bug I've had all week.  First two shots were sight in, pretty much everything since then has been one hole at 15 yards.  Seems pretty accurate, but I will find out better later when I get some distance to shoot it more.
Title: RE: Air Arms S400 Carbine 12fpe model
Post by: daved on August 02, 2008, 11:24:19 AM
What pellets are you shooting in it, Dan?  My 400E really likes CPH's, but not Kodiaks.  Go figure.  I need to get some JSB Heavies, this thing is shooting WAAAAY to fast for lighter weight pellets :-).  I'll be interested to see what kind of chrony numbers you're getting, too.  Later.

Title: Re: Air Arms S400 Carbine 12fpe model
Post by: DanoInTx on August 02, 2008, 06:39:03 PM
AAs400 .177        
Shot# Pellet Wt FPS Ft/Lbs Pellet Brand
1 10.3 681 10.6 JSB Diablo
2 10.3 689 10.9 JSB Diablo
3 10.3 683 10.7 JSB Diablo
4 10.3 676 10.5 JSB Diablo
5 10.3 684 10.7 JSB Diablo
6 10.3 687 10.8 JSB Diablo
7 10.3 688 10.8 JSB Diablo
8 10.3 687 err JSB Diablo
9 10.3 687 10.8 JSB Diablo
10 10.3 682 10.6 JSB Diablo
11 10.3 695 11.1 JSB Diablo
12 10.3 696 11.1 JSB Diablo
13 10.3 687 10.8 JSB Diablo
14 10.3 690 10.9 JSB Diablo
15 10.3 697 11.1 JSB Diablo
16 10.3 693 11.0 JSB Diablo
17 8 756 10.2 Crosman Premier
18 8 762 10.3 Crosman Premier
19 8 745 9.9 Crosman Premier
20 8 760 10.3 Crosman Premier
21 8 799 11.3 Crosman Premier
22 8 765 10.4 Crosman Premier
23 8 761 10.3 Crosman Premier
24 8 772 10.6 Crosman Premier
25 10.3 705 11.4 JSB Diablo
26 10.3 700 11.2 JSB Diablo
27 10.3 698 11.1 JSB Diablo
28 10.3 701 11.2 JSB Diablo
29 10.3 703 11.3 JSB Diablo
30 10.3 704 11.3 JSB Diablo
31 10.3 712 11.6 JSB Diablo
32 10.3 710 11.5 JSB Diablo
33 10.3 709 11.5 JSB Diablo
34 10.3 722 11.9 JSB Diablo
35 10.3 740 12.5 JSB Diablo
36 10.3 715 11.7 JSB Diablo
37 8 770 10.5 Crosman Premier
38 8 776 10.7 Crosman Premier
39 8 778 10.8 Crosman Premier
40 8 778 10.8 Crosman Premier
41 8 778 10.8 Crosman Premier
42 8 775 10.7 Crosman Premier
43 10.3 709 11.5 JSB Diablo
44 10.3 703 11.3 JSB Diablo
45 10.3 713 11.6 JSB Diablo
46 10.3 715 11.7 JSB Diablo
47 10.3 716 11.7 JSB Diablo

That was the string I recieved with the gun.  I have been shooting JSB 4.50's out of it and it seems to like them just fine.  Haven't tried any other pellets with it, just too danged accurate as-is in my little range.  Will have to get out and do some longer range shooting with a few different brands of pellets.
Title: RE: Air Arms S400 Carbine 12fpe model
Post by: scottinharwood on August 25, 2008, 11:24:08 PM

I have had the AA S400 Xtra for a couple of years now.  Its a tack driver at 45 yards - no kidding.  You have to pick through your pellets to be able to see how well this gun shoots.  I have one-holed strings of five pellets at 35 yards (on a day with no wind).  I put a level on it since just holding the gun a little tilted will move the pellet off that 1-hole target you desire.  

Shoot it mainly from a rest position rather than off-hand.

It does have a slow leak that developed over the winter.  Not sure what thats from.  I was thinking of shipping it out to have it tuned and a power adjuster put on it anyway.