Author Topic: Gamo Hunter .177 pellet uniformity of weight  (Read 1676 times)

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Gamo Hunter .177 pellet uniformity of weight
« on: September 13, 2008, 10:24:30 AM »
Well, Bob Werner, aka, CDT says Gamo Hunters are one of his favorite pellets.  I weighed two tins of 250 pellets.  The pellets are swaged, having a"pleated" skirt and are fairly hard and are coated with a dry lubricant.  The pellets are remarkably uniform, although there were a few oddballs and one "ingot" that weighed 7.60 grains.  Note also that 2 x 250 tins contained 525 pellets.  The label on the tin indicates 7.56 gr, the average weight of 525 pellets:  7.56 gr.