Author Topic: "$5.00 Paypal Rebate" to all GTA members on my “Enviro Blued Steel - Muzzle Brakes - Till 9/30/08  (Read 1771 times)

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I placed the ad over in the "Bargain Gate"

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I see that Joe and I replied to it. Bargain gate is for bargains and notmonthly sales advertisement or sales campaigns.


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Joe, I like your 5" Smoothie Muzzle Break. It looks like Beeman’s Break, for which I paid almost twice of your asking price. What I don’t like on Beeman’s, and yours has a same problem is that the barrel’s end (muzzle) will be still uncovered, exposed to elements. I would like to see the ID of the break’s end being about .30~35 to cover and preserve the crown like it’s done on R9 GF.