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Daisy 853
« on: January 03, 2009, 05:58:49 AM »
This is my first ever attempt at writing a review, so if I've left anything out (and I know I have) I would really appreciate your questions.  

I originally bought my Daisy 853 as a practice rifle.  I was shooting in a couple of matches every month and I was unable to find time to drive to the range and practice on a regular basis.  Accuracy, cost and transferable technique were my primary considerations.  
This was actually my first serious air rifle since the .20 cal. Benjamin Sheridan Silver Streak I had as a teen.  I had no cosmetic expectations with this rifle and was interested only in function.  That being said, the cast receiver, plastic rear sight, trigger and trigger guard and off-center look of the front globe sight didn't really mean anything to me.  Initially the stock seemed like it was made for a child, but with the spacers added I found the length of pull to be comfortable.  
Shooting at ranges anywhere close to 10 meters +/-, the choice of pellet is not really crucial, so there is no point getting in to that.  
The rifle came with a single point nylon sling that I just ignored and replaced with a military cotton web sling and a quick disconnect swivel so that I could wear the sling and get in and out of the rifle by simply pushing the button on the swivel and rotating the side plate to slide the bar out of the sling clip on the cocking lever.  It is the same way I used my sling on my CZ 452, so transferable technique seemed to be working so far.  A break barrel air rifle may work just fine for practice shooting offhand, but I also needed to practice shooting from the seated and prone positions while using a sling.
The rifle sighted in very easy with the aperture sights.  They are not capable of getting you out past 20 yds, but the gun isn't made for that anyway.  They may be plastic and cheap, but they work just fine.  The front globe seems a little off from perfect center, but once you are sighted in and start trying to shoot a target you aren't paying attention to that anyway.  Upgrading to the sights used on the 753 is an option that I haven't felt the need for, but it's there if I ever get the inclination.  
Once sighted in I found the trigger to be the worst part of this rifle, but as with any trigger, if you get used to it you can still shoot very well with it.  There is a trigger mod that will make it a much better trigger but I've left mine stock.  
This little rifle is recoil free, and quiet enough to shoot in the house.  Being a single pump pneumatic it isn't hold sensitive in the sense that spring piston rifles are.  If you are sighted in for a particular distance then it makes no difference whether you are shooting with or without a sling, standing or prone.  The Lothar Walther barrel makes this a very accurate practice gun.
A benefit of this rifle is the dryfire capability.  You can cock the bolt and fire without pumping air into the air chamber.  This was really helpful in getting used to the trigger.  
If you want an air rifle that you can also hunt with, this is NOT that rifle.  The power level and range just aren't there. If you are looking for fit and finish, it isn't that rifle either.  
If however you want to practice at home to sharpen your skills in general marksmanship that will transfer easily to your rimfire or centerfire position shooting, this is a great purchase.
Daisy 853 with apertures; FWB 300S with apertures; Mike Melick tuned B-26 and B-40.
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Re: Daisy 853
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2009, 11:37:39 PM »
Hey Charlotte.  Good first review.  How much does the 853 weigh?  How long is the rifle and what is the length of pull without and with the stock spacers?  Were they provided with the air rifle or a purchased accessory.   How does it compare to the FWB 300S in ergonomics, accuracy, and cost?  And where did you get your new sling.  When folks add accessories to their new shooters, it's nice to have a reference.  I have been thinking about getting myself a sling, but haven't done so.  And we all love pictures!  Thanks for your review and hope the feedback questions were helpful.

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Re: Daisy 853
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2009, 11:54:37 PM »
Great review Charlotte and review's always help our members get some info on shooters before a purchase. :) Ed
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RE: Daisy 853
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2009, 06:04:46 AM »
Just bought one of these, stumbled across one at a price just too damn good to pass up, should be here within the week.  Have you shot it enough to get a feel for pellet preference?  A friend of mine has one, I've shot it a very little bit, but it will round out my little collection rather nicely.  Nice review, BTW.  Later.