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Daisy 853 Front Sight
« on: August 08, 2009, 06:30:24 AM »

Something has always bothered me about the 853 front sight I got from Daisy for my 953.  It just didn't seem right.  Took a close look with the weight/sight off the gun and noticed that the insert was loose and would shift about.  Not good.
Never realy noticed it before, just put in the insert and installed it on the gun thinking everything was ok. The retainer spring is quite firm so I never expected the insert to be loose.

EASY FIX:  Bend the small tabs on both sides of the insert back (toward the rear sight) just enought to firmly tension it.  These sights are very crude, yours may or may not have the problem.  Worth a check, especially if you are a coach, dealing with a bunch of club guns. Might be one of the reasons that some guns are less accurate than others.  If you don't plan on changeing out inserts, liquid crazy glue will further secure it from shifting (clean off any oil first).  

BETTER FIX:  Get the front sight/barrel weight for the 757.  Lighter barrel weight but has a miles better quality sight which holds the insert firmly.  The inserts are also much better quality.  The inserts that came with the 857 are poorly stamped and provide a fairly crude sight picture.

Hope this helps.