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Trust Fund Kid...
« on: March 14, 2009, 11:18:15 AM »
This thread doesn't really apply to airguns or folks who live outside of California, or to those who don't surf!

Today I drove the 60 miles to Abilene to get a couple tires for my van.  Afterwords I decided to stop off at the mall(which I don't see very often) to trip around, shop, people watch...

I passed the Hollister store in the mall and decided to take a look see.  For those whom are not surf-apparel aware...  Hollister is a Santa Barbara, California based clothing company started by a couple of UCSB students.

As I'm walking by the front counter I overhear the kid at the counter mention to his customer that the name "Hollister" comes from a small town on the beach in California.  So I'm like...   "No, it's not".

Kid behind the counter says, "Yes it is".  Once again I'm like, "no, it's not".

So he asks me what makes me an authority on the name Hollister.  I pulled out my wallet and hand him my old California Drivers' License(from Cayucos) and then proceed to ask him if he knows the names of the Hollister family, for which he does not.  I then asked him if he's ever been to California and "NO" his lay-over at LAX does not count, so he hasn't been there.  So then the overly-accessorized, surf-clothing-clad kid says, "well then tell us about the town of Hollister then!"  

Sure!  No problem!

First off...    IT'S NOT A TOWN!!!!

I decided to be a nice guy and simply let him and his purchasing patron know that Hollister Ranch lies just due north of Santa Barbara, California, and is a much coveted private property,  with some really nice surf.  I also volunteered that the two kids from UCSB who came up with the Hollister name had a court bout with David C. Hollister about the usage of his family name for surf apparel.  Taking it a step further I also volunteered that Hollister Ranch can only be surfed in the Fall due to the waves coming from the north because of the Channel Islands interference with the currents.  He didn't believe a bit of it until after he researched the internet for what I'd just told him and turns out...   I WAS RIGHT!

So for what it's worth...   there are sales people who show up in our lives(or the lives of others) who will tell any story or do just about anything to make a SALE with ZERO wisdom of what they are working with.

YOU know the one's I'm talking about...    don't you?

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SURFER You Say??????
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 12:27:31 PM »
Hey Matt,,,, man I gotta jump in on this one!!:) I AM a Surfer. From age 15 to 22 I traveled from SE Fla. to Cape Hatteras surfing contests. I went from 1-A to 3-A virtually overnight. Do an ESA (Eastern Surfing Assosiation) search,,, you will find me there for sure!!8) Search Mc Kevlins & Natural art surf teams,,,,, you will find pics of me,, (Member of both teams):D Im sure you remember "Jeff Crawford"?? I surfed against him in my first Pro contest at Daytona beach,,, I placed 17th,:0 I was honered to have met him & traveled from that contest in Fla. to Cape Hatteras for the East Coast Championships,,,, among our party was Pat Mulhern,,,,, remember him??8) Pat & Jeff were GREAT guys & befriended me,,, they were the KINGS back in the day on the east coast,,,, Jeff had won several contests in Hawaii!!8) Jeff & I were the ONLY ones that pulled 360,s in the Fla contest,,, Jeff SMOKED me though,,,, he could switch stance from "goofy" to regular foot & spin em at will!!:p I came home from Hatteras & sold everything to move to California,,, (I was done with competition & just wanted to surf),,,Bought a cab over camper for my new truck & headed west. 2 days later,,, the wife & I landed in San Diego,, (Lahoya?) Right next to Blacks Beach. Camped at Carlesbad Campground for 2 months. Surfed EVERY DAY!!:D Ran out of $$ & left for Texas,,, ended up in Corpus Christi. Stayed for 2 years. Back to SC. Been surfing ever since. Did not surf last year (Back injury). It is SOOOO ironic you made this post!!:o I still have a really nice board,,,a 6-2 "tri fin" (thruster),,,, made by "Lost",,,,, bet Ya heard of Lost!!8) Mark Richards developed the twin fin (Wiggle Board) Simon Anderson was the pionier of the modern day "thruster".8) Soon as the water hits 70 deg.,,, Im out there,,,,,, wanta bet if I can still pull off skeg slip 360,s????? I know Surfing Matt,,,, PROMISE!!8) Tim. (AKA,, Makaha!!)

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Re: Trust Fund Kid...
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2009, 02:32:23 PM »
Hey, Tim, from the age of about 20 -23 I hung out on the beaches at North Shore, Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and Makalapa [excuse the +30 year old spelling of Hawaiin names].  When I wasn't there I was surfing a 425 foot black long board against Ivan Rusky.  Not many waves that far down, though.

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Holister CA and our Disco, Pogo, Surfer Dude Timmy...
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2009, 03:58:18 PM »

Well Matt, I don't know nothing about a Hollister Family/Ranch but I do know my custom Motorcycle seat came from Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories ~ Hollister CA. and as for you Mr. Disco, Pogo, Surfer Dude...You never cease to amaze me Tim...LOL


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