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Lets keep it open for the full week. So this one will run from now through 12 Midnight (EST) next Sunday at Midnight.
If we continue with these we'll go from 12:01 AM Sunday through 12 Midnight the following sunday.
If you all don't like this target feel free to suggest something else. Either one you have, know of or give me some ideas and I'll make one up.

Pistols only. Any type/style/barrel length but must not have a shoulder stock.

Let's start with 5m as the distance. (Barrel of the weapon should be kept behind the 5m line.)
When scores stabilze at the high end we can add a 10m or just switch to 10m.

TARGET - Glockx5 @ 5M - 3 shots @ 5 Bulls. - Max Score 150

Score as noted on target. Score the inner edge of the hole, breaking the line counts toward higher score.
Any sighting device is fine.
Standing one or two hand only, no rests of any kind.
(as with the other comps, allowances will be made for physical needs)

Post the normal info:
Score, weapon, sighting device and pellet used.

Feel free to post comments and results here. If we continue we'll add a results only thread going forward.

For the record - My pistols include a Crossman 2300S (CO2) and a Gamo P3. I shoot the 2300s almost exclusively but if the P3 doesn't sell soon I'll use that sometimes too.
I do scope my pistols. 2300S carries a 2-7x BSA. Can't really use it beyond 3x at 5m. It just won't focus. The P3 carrys a fixed 2x BSA.

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