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FrankenGamo update
« on: January 08, 2007, 09:36:18 AM »
Well I finished the two 1250 Gamo  Hunters with the .20 cal. Walther barrels. Both rifles have a 17" barrel and they are real close in power.
Mine shoots 11.2 FTS's at 994 fps that's good for 24.5 FPE and the other one is shooting the same pellet at 988 fps which is 24.2 FPE but it will come up a bit more as the barrel settles down.

Accuracy you say, how about 10 shot groups under 3/4 inches at 50 yards, disallowing one flyer per group.

I was wondering about the accuracy when you speed up the pellets, my CFX.20 and the Shadow with the .20 barrrels will do the same at 50 yards but are only going at 790's to 810 depending on which rifle I use and the 15 inch barrel on the Shadow is just as accutare as the 17 1/2 inch walther barrel, and it is the fastest of my Gamo .20's  untill the 1250.

Checked it out with 13.3 gr Kodiak's and it shoots them at 862 for 22 FPE.
9.88 Silver Bears at 1104 fps, I have to try the Silver Bears for accuracy because at that speed it's 26.7 FPE....