Author Topic: RULES for OPEN AIR RIFLE MATCH  (Read 1671 times)

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I reviewed the subject, and found Charlotte's post on this subject, please revue the following post.

The target is the Gamo target shot at 10 meters/33 feet. Five shots per target on 4 targets for a total of 20 shots for score. A possible 200 points. In order for you to get an X the hole must be completely inside the 10 ring and not touching the line.
All shots MUST be from the standing offhand position. So, laying on your stomach on a piece of foam and shooting is not legal. I say that because I did a match on another web site and someone with no competitive experience was posting scores in the mid 90's for a 10 shot offhand string and we found out that he had in fact shot all 3 positions Standing, Seated, and Prone from the prone position. We had posted pictures and drawings and tutorials for each position and he claimed he was confused. If your body isn't vertical it isn't standing.
If you have health issues and need to shoot offhand from a chair, have at it but don't prop your elbows on any surface. Come to think of it, a 5 gallon bucket match would be fun, wouldn't it? Same target, same everything, but you have to be sitting on a 5 gallon bucket. Maybe we can do that soon.



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