Author Topic: RULES AND TARGET FOR: OPEN SIGHTS 25 yard Rifle Match any Rifle !  (Read 2846 times)

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Our member Brod_Man, suggested and designed this match, and it looks like FUN !

Open Sights, No Scopes
Any Air Rifle

Any Shooting position: Standing, Sitting, Kneeling or Prone
No external rests, (bi pods, bench bags etc.)
Fired at: 25 yards,5 rounds fired at each offour bullseyes, for a total of 20 pellets and a possible score of 200. USE TARGET B-2 better resolution target !

Lets ALL give Brody a BIG "Thank You", and come out and give it a try !

Thanks Bordy !

The First Match will begin this week,June01through June 07


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