Author Topic: Michigan - South Eastern/Western Wayne County Field Shoot June 14  (Read 2760 times)

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Calling all airgunners in SE MI.  The WWCCA Field Shoot #2 is coming up June 14.  Here's an opportunity to meet some new faces and experience a really nice club.  And you don't have to join/be a member to participate.  Just show up with $10 and your favorite rig.  The club is located at 6700 Napier Rd.(between 5 mile and N. Territorial),Plymouth, 734.453.9843.

I did my first ever shoot last month with my home tuned Gamo Big Cat.  I couldn't hit anything (blame bad scope) but had a lot of fun and learned a thing or two.  I'm showing up to redeem myself next week with TreX200.  I was disappointed to see only about 8 of us there because I know there are way more airgunners around.  Some of the guys drove over an hour to get there but I'm only 15 minutes away!  

I said I'd try to get some more guys to come.  (bbgunbob this means you and your cousin!)  

Here's some information but you can always email range master Tim Engel at

More information following the link from the Yellow Main or  look under airgun

Range Opens 9:00 AM
Registration & Practice 9:00 AM at Walk Through Range
Shooters Meeting 10:15-10:30 AM Air Gun Range
Course of Fire Begins 10:45 AM
Course of Fire Ends and Course Cleanup
Post Shooters Meeting
Lunch at the clubhouse if you can stay (I couldn't but they were raving about the hamburgers)

Bring a friend and pass this along.

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