Author Topic: October Airgunning Atlanta range match report  (Read 10239 times)

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October Airgunning Atlanta range match report
« on: October 12, 2009, 12:27:55 AM »
As written by Doug Vinson :
It was a dark and stormy, oh wait, the weatherman was  
wrong. It was muggy, but the temperature was in the 70s and the wind  
was mild. Three people noted for not listening to other people's  
advice ventured from their cozy bed in the hopes of seeing many  
targets fall through their cross hairs. Doug and David carpooled to  
arrive slightly after nine, and our illustrious leader showed up 5  
minutes after we set up some sight in targets.

David brought his R 11 which is only shooting 9 foot pounds. David is  
one crazy dude! Doug decided his Whiscombe would be in order for the  
match. After all, it is what he will be shooting in the nationals.  
Ken came sporting his newly modified RN 10 with a carbon fiber barrel  
shroud. Robert Crocker, along with Ken's, uh hum, help, crafted this  
beautiful piece to freshen up his old gun.

After everybody sighted in, we decided to take on the course. Things  
started slowly for David. He thought shooting "regular" field target  
would be a fun challenge. It turned into a nuisance because of scope  
issue. After four lanes of erratic shooting, he went back to the  
sight in range so that he could re-establish his zero, which he did  
by the way. Doug had a case of the "Whiscombe wanders" and promptly  
fixed it. Fortunately, it only cost him two shots. Ken, had no issues  
with his gun, and kicked proverbial butt. David came back to shoot  
the rest of the course Hunter style and shot very well.

In the end, Ken scored a 59/64, Doug shot a 55/64, and David finished  
up with a 32/64. Great shooting Ken!

After the match, we visited our favorite place for out of this world  
hamburgers: Bess'. Lunch was filled with animated conversations about  
college football, guns, and the upcoming nationals. All in all, it  
was a fine way to spend the Saturday.
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