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Subject: RE: Sorry..How do you post images ???

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Make sure they are under 100k in size. Do that before you start.

Start a post and say what you want to say.

At the bottom, check the box for "Attach a file after posting".

Click Submit.

The post will be submitted, but now it will ask you for the files you want to attach.

Click Browse to find the file on your computer. Click Submit when you find it.

It will tell you if it's successful. If it is not, it is usually because it is over 100k in size.

This is the easiest fastest way, if you don't have an online place to keep photos (like Photobucket, or even the Albums here on GTA). When you post like this, the picture will not last forever, and expires after a while.

If you do have an online home, the photos are linked through a different procedure, but they stay visible as long as the link is good.

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