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S1K from galati
« on: April 07, 2007, 08:09:36 AM » Gene posted a link in the bargain gate about the S1K sale on their website for $115.00. I hit the order button :)
 Great find Gene. The gun hit my doorstep in 4 day's from hitting the order button. for the review.

The packaging that arrived was not the best. OH NO...shook the shipping box and could hear the gun banging around inside the original Gamo box that the S1K came with. Keep in mind that there is no manual or other "packaging" that comes with this gun in the Gamo box or otherwise. But in the end, the gun was intact and ready to shoot. No scrapes or blemishes or loose screws could be found at all. All pivots were well lubed and the open sights intact. Now lets put some pellets through it  :)

Open sights: 7 pellets(Gamo Tomahawks) sighting in....hit the bull. Then the gun shot 1/2 groups at 25 yrds with an occasional flyer "expected" after another 7 shots. Then the predator pellet. It won the day of course! Still a flyer at times but much more consistant :)

So far, so good right 8) A while back I posted a BIG problem I had with a store bought Crosman Sierra Pro/Quest/Summit rifle that a lot guys chimed in on. I think Vince had the scoop on that whole story. Anyway, that gun came with a really nice Crosman 3-9x40 scope. But I had to "shim" the rear of the one piece mount to even hit paper :0 After that, I took the scope off of the CSP and still had alot of trouble keeping decent groups with open sights. In fact, really bad groups.

Was it the scope, was it me, or was it the gun, or a combination? Today the mystery was solved. Someone else mentioned BARREL DROOP in the post I made about the CSP! He was right!!!!!! The CSP of mine has major barrel droop! NOT A GOOD THING.

I mounted the scope that came with the CSP on my new S1K. The scope is fine. With this new S1K and Crosman scope, I am able to hit paintballs at 25yrds almost at will.

Bottom line: S1K at $115.00 is a winner. Crosman 3-9x40 is a winner. Store bought Crosman Sierra Pro.....I'm thinking not :0

Just some food for thought. Hope this helps somebody who needs some guidance like I do! :D
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RE: S1K from galati
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2007, 12:21:15 PM »
Well congrat's on the S1K :) keep us updated on it's performence guy. Ed
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