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First off let me thank you for responding to my post as it gives me the chance to converse with you rather than going through a friend. I agree that certain forums are no longer options for discussing matters and rightly so in my opinion. We can play the blame game all day long but lets face the facts, there were several parties involved in the immature and vendictive posts being lobbed "in the heat of the moment". That time has passed and it is time to move on to a more adult manner of working things out.

You've mentioned that you are uncomfortable discussing Bob and your dealings with him on the YF, why do you continue to do so? You've even gone so far as to mention that you have been on the receiving end of such actions so perhaps you can see how doing so yourself might appear less than honorable.

I am not going to sit here and debate who screwed who or even if anyone got screwed in the first place. It is not my place and I have no interest in stepping into that mess. The point I am trying to make is that continuing along the current course is unlikely to provide you with the results you seek and undermines your credibility and thus your argument.

Just another .02
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Skeptical_in_NC - 7/1/2006  11:45 AM

...because of his misuse (spam) of forum member's email addresses to promote this forum, and so can't participate in threads there, makes me very uncomfortable when he's the topic.  I've been in exactly that situation and it sucks.

But the fact is that, thanks to the behavior of Bob and Gene, there really is no common ground.  

The Crosman Forum (quite naturally) admin' doesn't want to play host to this "stuff" and so threads discussing it disappear from there.  

Meanwhie, when I post here my threads (oh so "selectively") disappear and my accounts are blocked.

So that's where we are.  I'm disinclined to let Bob's public statements and actions go unanswered, so I reply to them where I can.


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Maybe some clarification needed .....
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Bikerscum - 7/1/2006  2:26 AM
One of the reasons I'm here, as opposed to the YF, is to see free speech..... let people speak their mind, hash it out. No one is responsible for what they say but them. If it bores you, why do you (all) click on it?  Calls for banning users, etc., Yellow written all over it.

 I have no dog in this fight. Steve is a good friend of mine, Charlie has never been anything but top notch in my dealings with him.

 Let the truth unfold. Don't like it? Change the channel.


You have no dog in this fight, but, steve is a good friend of yours. That statement sounds awfully contradictory to me.

Free speech is a great concept - but not to be confused with the persistent sniping, whining, moaning, and casting aspersions on the character of another, using fictional "whacko-babble" as evidence to support one's argument, as we see happening here. Change the channel? Same drama usually going on there - but it is generally taken out with the trash, as it should be.

NCsteve continues to claim that Bob will not respond to him privately, and alludes to having his posts disappear from here. If Bob or Gene didn't want to respond to NCsteve, they would have banned him from the outset, but chose not to, in spite of the trollish PITA he has become for them here. If banning NCsteve here is the only way to force him to take it to private e-mail, then thats what should be done. It just appears to me that NCsteve desperately NEEDS an audience.

As to banning of users sounding too "yellow" for you - the trollish behavior of these two steves lately has been disgusting - especially considering that they are both "moderators" of another forum which will not even tolerate a one-time difference of opinion. The total disregard for the rules of the other forums that they have littered with verbal manure, and the obvious disrespect shown to the owner and moderators of those forums would have gotten anyone banned, anywhere. This pair will eventually wear down the tolerance of these moderators and finally get the attitude adjustment they so desperately need.

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RE: Maybe some clarification needed .....
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"You have no dog in this fight, but, steve is a good friend of yours. That statement sounds awfully contradictory to me."

 If you think it's contradictory, ask Charlie about the email of support I sent him when this whole thing started.

 You're barking up the wrong tree son.


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The Fact is ............................
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We won't tolerate anyone dumping there trash in our forum. like some people have done in the Green Forum. Those guys did not want any garbage in there forum either. I have no more tolerance for you Steve_NC. Not only do you post negative posts about people here. but you post in the other forums as well and you have the gall to come here and post your garbage. Take it to your own home forum.

I have never banned you Steve. Your two accounts that I know of are still working. But that does not mean I have not limited you to your time in our forum.

Steve_NC, I would prefer that you would not come here in our forum and make any more posts unless they are concerning air gun data or useful information that others can benefit from. I have asked you several times to go away and not come back but you keep coming back...

Please take my advice. Our members here do not want any garbage overflow from where you come from.

And please do not reply to this post. I already know what you are thinking after you read this and we are not interested in any of your replies.

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I think this has gone on just about long enough.

I got a message from Bob announcing that this forum was up and running and, quite frankly, I'm glad that he or Gene sent it.

The message I got was an INVITATION.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I didn't get that invitation from my participation on the James Kitching Forum.  I believe I got that invitation because I have e-mailed Mr. Werner personally and that is how I got on his e-mail list.  When he replied to me, he got on mine in my personal address book.  It's the same deal with other posters that I've had personal e-mail exchanges with who also happen to post on the Kitching Forum.  When they sent me a personal e-mail, they got in my address book IF THEY WERE INQUIRING ABOUT AIR RIFLE HUNTING, as that is where my main interest in air rifles is found.  When I launched my site, I e-mailed people who had already e-mailed me. How is that unethical?  I didn't ask for Steve in CT's permission, either, since who I send e-mails to from the folks in my address book really isn't any of his business, nor is it any of his business how we "met" or where.

The fact that some of us who have communicated with Bob also post on the Kitching Forum doesn't mean that the Kitching Forum is where Bob and Gene got our contact info.  That is an assumption.  Ultimately, unless Bob or Gene admit to farming the Kitching Forum, all Steve in NC and Steve in CT are doing is assuming that they did.  In order to make that assumption, you have to also assume that the Kitching Forum is the center of the airgun universe.

It isn't.

Honestly, getting insulted for being invited to check out a new forum on a subject that the recipient has already expressed interest in is tantamount to getting one's proverbial panties in a wad over nothing.

On the "Yellow Forum," I see the Steves still on a rampage in painting Mr. Werner out to be the Anti-Christ or something equally evil.  Here, I see Mr. Werner talking airguns.  I see him mention that he's got some stuff for sale that some of us might want to buy.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned from the public thrashing that Mr. Werner has received and I think that lesson is a Biblical one.  Something to do with a warning not be be "unequally yolked"........................

It's kind of amazing to think that God can use even unbelievers like Steve in NC have professed to be as instruments to get His message across.


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My thoughts on this subject...
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I'am not one to normally join in on a witch hunt but... I have been going back and forth with Steve NC ever since my very first post in the green forum and it's nice to see that others have the same opinion of him as I do. I was beginning to think it was just me but judging by the countless complaints about him I can see that It wasn't me at all,in fact, if anything, some of you actually seem to dislike him more than I do,as impossible as I thought that to be. He managed to ruin every single post I ever posted in the green forum only because he couldn't accept the fact that I could actually do things that he simply could not.
  I can also see that being banned from the Yellow forum is an honor that many here seem to be proud of. Steve NC decided to take sides, which really wasn't a wise move on his part. Between both Steve's,they have managed to alienate many groups of airgunners including the entire Kermit airgun club,and in the process of taking sides, they both have proven they are a couple of self-righteous egomaniacs.
 It's nice to see that others are unwilling to put up with the constant badgering,put downs,insults, condescending remarks,unending belittlement and unbelievable conceit which was put forth on a daily basis by Steve NC.  He seems to be proud of the fact that he doesn't believe in God,but how can we blame him for that, I mean after all, since he thinks he is God then how could he possible believe there is another one?