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Marauder Adjustments
« on: June 07, 2010, 07:27:06 AM »
Hi Guys,

I just got a Benjamin Marauder a week ago and its pretty damn cool but I had a couple of questions about it cause it's my first PCP.

First, I read the manual and know how to physically do it, but I'm not all that sure on how to calibrate the hammer stroke and preload to match the velocity. It states in the manual that they have to be set in each direction in order to match up and I know which directions to go but I'm uncertain of a lot of things. Since I don't have a crono, I can't see how my adjustments are working. I haven't adjusted it yet and it's still at the factory defaults, but I was wondering if anyone had marked down some settings that work well.

I'd also like to know if each setting that could be calibrated worked in the same ranges with the other. By this I mean, it states in the manual that you can turn in the hammer stroke I think 6 revs and the preload 12. Would this mean if I tighten it to the max setting in the direction that would increase the velocity, would they match up? Assuming the them all being tighten down would be the highest velocity, would all of them being down at the max be the max?

If none of these are available, maybe someone knew how much of a turn in the appropriate directions make how much of a change in the velocity. It was my understanding that just adjusting the velocity under the stock wasn't enough to effectively change the velocity of the rifle, and that the preload and hammer stroke had to be adjusted aswell.

Lastly, my Benjamin Hand Pump seems to make a noise when I get to the bottom of the pump stroke. I was told by a guy at the range that PCP pumps are supposed to be silent excluding any noise of air being pushed in the tank, but that the pump itself shouldn't make a noise. Is this correct information or is this sound normal? At factory defaults I was able to do 20-30 shots and I went down from 2500 to 2000 psi.


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RE: Marauder Adjustments
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 09:21:36 AM »
One thing to remember is it is not always about the highest velocity, it's about consistency. It is best to use a Chronograph when making these adjustments to see your results, however It can be done without one.

What I did with mine as I do not have a chrono yet either....Was I did a lot of searches regarding this subject and found people who posted their adjustments along with their shot strings.

I just copied the best one that suited my needs, and performed well in my rifle. I'll try to remember the exact settings.... but it netted him 32 fpe with barracudas. (.22)
(3000-3200psi. fill pressure)
Hammer Stroke- 1 turn in clockwise from full length
Hammer Spring- 1 turn counter clockwise from full preload.
Velocity screw- 3.25 turns counterclockwise from fully bottom.

As far as the benji pump..."that guy at the range" does not know what he is talking about. The pump makes some noise...sucking, and filling.  as long as it pumps okay do not worry about it. But if you have trouble pumping send it in is free under warranty. SunOptics works on them for crosman

ask me how I know? My pump crapped out and became impossible to pull up, turned out it was a dirty check valve, and bad seal. I sent mine in for warranty, and the guy was very nice to deal with. The result was a fully rebuilt pump, that is soooooo smooth. (still makes noise) normal!!!

hope this info helped you, good luck and shoot straight!
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best adjustment info here,
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2010, 09:11:33 AM »
On Jeff's blog:

 I believe he is working on a video or pictures of a partial strip down at least to the point of being able to lock down the adjustments as they just move when they want all on there own. If yours is currently doing well and you have no chrony, just leave it alone.
 The original A-Team "tuning/adjustment" document just doesnt apply to the factory units, too bad. The "best mrod tuners" just dont want to share any info and this is the first Crosman to be out this long with almost NO real user information on stipping/tuning but hopefully that will change.
 Personally I would not over fill one due to the material used for the valve stem, "I" think it will fail, it will fail a lot faster with an over fill and likely should not be stored with a full 3000psi charge, just a thought.
 And if you havent done it already DO read Jeff's $0.00 reversable trigger fix!!!