Author Topic: Where the left will take this country, ...  (Read 3931 times)

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Re: Where the left will take this country, ...
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MartinDWhite - 4/14/2010  10:59 AM

geiger - 4/14/2010  8:13 AM

well if you wanted to go philosophical about it

guns->pretty much what you've said, however i wouldn't mind some limited control as in background checks and limits to military equipment (you don't need an m249 for home defense)

I really only depends on what you want to be able to defend your home from.....seriously what gives you the right to limit what I want to own as long I don't use it to limit your rights?

   Martin D. White

Well yes, ok an M249 isn't really that different than a regular assault rifle, but for 99% of cases its overkill. What will you be defending yourself from with that gun? Same goes for RPG, grenades, mortar rounds, shells and other high explosives which have huge collateral damage.
It just makes no sense to own those things. Unless you're thinking the army is going to attack you, which is nuts really.

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RE: Where the left will take this country, ...
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M249? How about a Ruger Mini-30 with a detachable magazine? The slippery slope is that the acknowledged gun grabbers will use any centimeter to take a kilometer (I metricized that for you).

Remember the ludicrous definitions of Saturday Night Specials, as though that were some kind of brand? They went after anything that could fit under a coat. And, back to the UK, a spring rifle over 12 fpe is a "firearm".

I am responsible with my mortar, and I expect my neighbors to be responsible with theirs.


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Re: Where the left will take this country, ...
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no one can own a m249 saw in u.s.a. & please know the diff. between a assauilt weapon & a semi copy,BUT if the gov. has it we should be able to get one to & yes we do need to fear the military, if not our's for sure the U.N.'s, they are back dooring us as we speak(small arm's treaty which odama will sign)(odama not a misspell) full auto gun's made after mid 60's can not be owned in the U.S. & if you do own a auto,it take's a mile of red tape & back ground check's for 6 or more month's & the gov. has the right to enter your home to see weapon at any time it want's!!!!! & hey they only start at 15,000 & up!! won't get in to insurance, lock up of gun , your butt going to jail if even wife touch's it ,on & on!?!
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