Author Topic: Steve-in-NC and one or two others never quit bashing and trashing.  (Read 4111 times)

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It never ends and it only bothers me because anybody without the knowledge or information never knows the facts or truth. Steve’s biggest fear is that the truth be known and does everything he can to squash it and prevent information from getting out.

Because I am unable to defend myself on the YP's from the ceaseless and ongoing accusations of dishonesty and piracy and other terminologies from Steve-in-NC and a couple of others on the YP’s, (no other forum will allow Steve and some of his cronies to do it on their forum and has been banned from some just for that reason) I will present my side through a link in the forum to my website when possible.

Those that do support or defend me and/or my integrity or ask questions or post positive comments on the YP’s regarding me, the GTA, the GRT-triggers, or CharlieDaTuna  immediately have them deleted and are criticized and admonished for posting and quite often banned for pursuing it. All negative comments are left in tact. For every negative left in tact, dozens of positive and supportive  comments have been deleted. It is constant and on going. And it also applies to any commenting and favoritism toward the GTA as well. The YP’s are not capable of abiding by their own rules and regulations and because of that, the truth and /or the facts are never known.

One thing for sure. Their statement early on  "we're going to bury you, Gene, your business and your forum" never happened. They failed to bury me, the GRT-III trigger and most importantly they couldn't bury Gene and the GTA. They tried every trick in the book and failed. And when it comes right down to it, they by their tactics and antics propelled us to the level of success we have achieved in such a short period of time. And the more they do, the better and stronger we become. People just didn't buy their crap then and don't now.


I have made available my side of the controversy on the CharlieDaTuna website and I have placed the link

here  in the non-productive section because it’s just that… non-productive in regards to the growth of our forum and the solidarity of the membership. I have not published the document on our forum because it doesn't belong here but instead have published it on my website and just point to it from here with the link. It is not available from the website itself as I don't feel that it is prudent of me to create additional issues and controversy.

However, if questions come up or someone wants to know more or you want to enlighten someone, and you feel it’s the right thing to do, feel free to point them to this post. And please, don't do it just for me but rather that you feel that it is right. Then let them take it from there and make their decision after hearing the other side of the story.

Again, it's:

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