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Prelim G-1 Extreme Report
« on: December 09, 2007, 04:00:04 AM »
I wanted to post this here too in case somebody is looking for research.

Well I didn’t quite wait for the 24 hrs to cure on the loctite and I didn’t use the right stuff. I bought some stuff that was in a purple/bluish tube but the actual stuff was clear. I think it is called home extreme repair. I also used a 2 part expoxy. It was late and Christmas traffic really sucks. So I just wanted to use what I had for the time being. At worst the screws won’t hold and the threads will be all buggered up, 15 for the exact mount from pyramid air I think. I did let the stuff set for about 21 hrs however.

First comments, after I got the stock off I was very impressed. The stock does not have the hollow sound like the gamos and feels much nicer. But where I was really impressed is when I got the rifle out of the stock it looks to be reinforced. I use Hogue stocks on some of my rimfires and they are half arsed reinforced. This stock is built like a tank. When the gun is fired there is less than half the recoil and twaaannngg sound of a Gamo. Not even close. I had a Gamo Shadow last year from wal-mart and the accuracy was pretty good out of the box….1.5in at 30yards. But the recoil was so bad and the twang so bad that I took it back. I did know about Charlie and his site but was not willing to spend the extra money on it. Perhaps that is my fault. I mounted a weaver-V16 on that rifle and still was not pleased. In the guns defense I just bought whatever pellets wal-mart had. I don’t even remember which kind now. Back to the G-1. I mounted the scope and it is clear and readings are very accurate. To sight in at 30yds I really had to crank the vertical adjustment up and I will be watching it to see if it holds, but so far through around 75 shots it is doing fine. Seems that Center Point scopes are a hit and miss, this one is doing fine. I do wish it came with the nicer model like that shown on the box and that comes with the Remington Summit. Oh well it is still a great deal b/c of the mount.

Cleaning: I cleaned all the stuff off with Denatured Alcohol, including the outside of the stock and the barrel. I then cleaned the barrel with Butch’s Bore Shine. Real quick I found that the alcohol did not get all the stuff out of the barrel. The patch came back nasty. I let it soak for about 20min and then cleaned. Still nasty, so I used Isso Bore Paste and cleaned the barrel. Still it came back pretty dirty, I said to hell with it. I ruined a brand new Anschutz barrel once b/c the patch did not come out perfectly clean. The gun shot well until I just kept on and on pulling a brush and patch through it. I still can get that brown wonder oil off the gun if I run a rag over it. CZs rimfires have the same thing.

First range session. Gun is much quieter than the Gamo I had. I as for pellets…I shot Crossman Premier Hollowpoints. I had some field point but took them back b/c I had heard they don’t shoot well. I started to buy regular wad cutters but thought I would do a search first and see what I found on them. As for the gun. I learned one thing when shooting a rimfire, follow through is everything in shooting a gun. Many times a shot does not go into the group yet the bullet is right there where the cross hairs stopped. For me it seems off hand is all about follow through and the bench is all about tracking. Seems b/c of the trigger on this gun (which is not as bad as I expected) I push the gun up. I don’t care so long as I do it the same way and same degree everytime. I used a rolled up towel as suggested here by members. I shot the gun and it was not sensitive to hold at all that I could tell. I shot the gun no different than I did my rimfires. I held it super tight once and the shot was a little lower just as I expected it would be. I held the rifle but with just average cheek and shoulder pressure. I was very please at 30 yds to see most of my group could be covered with a nickel! I did have a few fliers, but hey this is my first maybe second range session ever with a springer. No way would I take this thing back, unless something tears up. Yes this rifle is worth being sent to Charlie. I can’t wait to take it in the woods. As for penetration, I don’t know I didn’t look I just wanted to hit what I aim at. I will check that tomorrow. I fired a several shots that went into the same hole. If I concentrated on the trigger and didn’t run out of breath, the hole would just get a little darker. Guys Please bare in mind that I was serious about a rifle. I have been doing research for 2 weeks and then talked at length through e-mail with Gene and Longisland Hunter. I had decided on a Gamo CFX, this gun, or the RWS 34. Got scared off by the RWS b/c I read it could be very hold sensitive, did not get the Gamo b/c of the twang. Got this gun and love it. That being said, that doesn’t mean I won’t buy one of the others. I read and read about the CFX, and from what I can tell it is just plain tack driver and not too hold sensitive. So I probably will own one. But if I continue to love this pellet gun I will own an Extreme in a .22 cal and last but not least the weirauch with the blue laminated stock.

My take. For my preliminary take on the gun so far I love it. I am looking very forward to the morning to get in the woods. Tomorrow afternoon I have a few places that are suppose to be a squirrel haven and going to try and get permission to hunt them with this gun. I am looking very forward to it, that and Charlies trigger which will soon be ordered. I will update the gun more as I shoot it.
Thanks to all of you out there for commenting and talking with me about the guns. The amount of help and aide is simply amazing. Gene and Longisland a special thanks to you. I will be contacting the both of you later with questions, I certainly hope that is okay.

One happy New B,