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What happend to Rich in Mich
« on: November 29, 2007, 06:28:23 AM »
The question has come up a couple of times lately and they have been directed here to this forum/page.

A couple of months after the thread was moved here from the Gamo forum (I think it was) I received an e-mail from a member asking if I would consider deleting the post and his reasoning. After giving it some thought, I decided to remove the post  I had started it and  was  so  critical but true.. Even here on this page it had no value and once he left, and after several months of him not returning  I could see no reason that it should remain.  My responses, though not directly expressly toward Rich, did pretty much indicate him and every body knew it. He had made a number of claims and accusations and I responded and simply told it like it was and almost everyone knew that it was pretty much fact. I simply responded to his claims and accusations in a subtle way, and turned his own words against him. Almost everybody agreed although there were one or two that were straddling the fence and that's ok. That was very difficult for Rich to accept and he left.

A couple of days later he made his final post: "Last post from Michigan you will see on Genes and Charlie's club house from me."  and that was his last post and probably just as well.  It was his choice and a good one.

 After his last post, both  Gene and I received a number of e-mails thanking us in essence but  neither Gene or I  removed him from the forum although it was getting to a point that it would have happened very soon anyway.

 Bottom line is that it was not my intent at the time or later to ruin him or destroy his business and what was done was in the past and water under the bridge. Because he was no longer a member of the GTA, I felt that it should be deleted.

Now, in hind sight, perhaps I should not have deleted the post. However, because he has not been back I saw no reason to have such a bad light shine on Rich, even from this page, the Non-Productive forum of the GTA.  Because of his comments and innuendoes,  he did it to himself and in the eyes of most members of the GTA, Rich for the most part really lost his welcome here. He had then and has now his place and following  on the YP's and it would probably be best for him to remain on that side of the fence.

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