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Frozen Thread
« on: March 01, 2008, 04:20:29 AM »

Why has this thread ( IAG Tuning Challenge 2008 ) been frozen?

No one has shot down our project, each of us are entitled to our opinions. Many others are interested in this as well. I have received a bunch of e-mails already about supporting this effort?

Don’t take the following wrong, we are all about product enhancement and we completely understand the need for “customization” and “tweaking” of factory goods. As I spent many years in the auto industry, I would relate any “airgun tuner” to that of an after market auto shop that’s specializes in bringing out the best of a given model. If I go to any custom shop, what can I expect as a reasonable change?

The published results of this effort will be assessed by viewers and the testers opinions (not IAG) will be shared alike on many fronts.  No one has (to the best of my knowledge) performed such a test or attempted to compare a factory product to a tuned product.

If consumers are spending hard earned dollars on a tune, they deserve to expect a specific result.  To quote your previous post: “Also not all air rifles tune out with the same increase in performance” Why if a “Tuner” is using consistent engineered mechanics, would the end result no be reasonably constant? While we understand that tuning is performed by individuals, results will vary with components used. What is the goal of tuning if you can’t predict a range of performance or result?

We are pursuing this effort on multiple forums and have already received a highly favorable response and several volunteers to participate in the testing and review.

The goal would be to determine the net results of a tune.  Our deliberation should take into account that we want to convey information that translates for a majority of enthusiasts and that means we should test several of the more popular models of a given brand. What benefit would all this work be if it only impacted a minority of consumers?

For that reason we will most likely end up with models that are vastly owned.  The focus would be break barrel springer that have been on the market for some time. In Beeman we would consider the R-7 or R-9 or R-1, RWS the 34 or 350, and Bam B26 or B28. All would be tested in .177 calibers.
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RE: Frozen Thread
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 05:23:38 AM »
Gene didn't freeze the post, I did and there will be a follow up on it as Gene and I discuss it further. This post was moved to the non-productive post by Charlie

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