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Winchester 1000x
« on: May 01, 2008, 11:57:40 PM »

I intended to add a reply to the Daisy Powerline 1000 - Turkish Delight, or just plain Turkey? review by Vince but I kinda ran off and decided to cross post it here since it is really a review of the almost identicle gun but different.

I picked up one of the Turkish Wood Winchester 1000x w/4x32 for a good price At Outdoor World's Bass Pro Shop last fall.

Identical to the pic below with the long stock but a 4x32 and no checkering. Hmmm?

 Void of any checkering, which I preferred since the straight line checkering usually found, is ugly in my opinion. Nice wood used for the stock BTW.

Well it sat in the gun rack all winter. I shot it maybe 2 0r 3 tines and wrote it off as harsh and as mentioned horrible to cock.

But I thought whats a gin collection without a Winchester?

 Yesterday I was in the mood to tear into it because as of late I've been reading good things about Hatsan guns and re-read Russ Sauers Guides.  

I've never seen so many fulcrums in a trigger before. I polished each contact and mollied then during re assembly using Russ Sauers PDF as a guide.

It's not the short stock shown below exposing the cocking mechanics.  eikk!

I'm Not Sure what deal Bass Pro had with Daisy? It is the 1000x with a 4x32 scope & a completely plain long stock with a nice rubber butt.??? Never saw one before, never seen one since.

Applied to the box was a taped sticker stating NO CHECKERING.

I'm impressed after polishing how predictable the trigger has become. Unfortunately in my collection I couldn't find a proper lighter spring for between the middle sears. As a result the pull is only slightly lighter but enough to improve accuracy. I think when I find the right trigger this will have a great pull.

Also as mentioned it kicks hard but strangely its not hard to shoot.  

I've yet to find a gun this harsh thats this reasonably accurate.  

I was getting single holers at 10 yards , 1" groups at 20, and 1.5 -2" at 30 yards. Not bad for an admitted, only OK, shooter like myself.

On the chrony it ranged anywhere from 1000+ with 7-8g pellets to a consistent 700+fps in the 8-11G pellets. The gun regardless of pellet never ran below 700fps and because of it's power, out of respect for its spring, I never ran lighter than 7.5g and they constantly exceeded 1000fps. Overall I too am impressed with the potential of this gun. If I could only make it shoot less like a shotgun!! I'll keep working on it...


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RE: Winchester 1000x
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2008, 01:26:29 PM »

I have one of dem :) and I've said many times how accurate and powerful it is. I was just out shooting mine the other day and it was really do some damage to my 30 yard spinners :)


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