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AR2078A / Archer Air Guns
« on: September 15, 2006, 02:20:44 AM »
I ordered me one of these from Archer on Sat. 9/2/06 They mailed it on the next business bay 9/5. I settled in for my long wait. They are in upstate NY, I'm on the Southern Oregon coast. Well I didn't wait long it arrived 9/7.

Didn't have any chance to fire it till Sat. That was 2 days later, so looked it over very well. Finish was very good. could find no mill marks and the blueing was wore only in one place and then only about as big as the lead of a pencil. The stock has a nice rich grow to it like it was a wax finish. It isn't waxed, it is varnish. It is a lot different that they use to use. I could find no would putty used for filler on the stock. The only thing I could find wrong was one ding about 1 inch long on the very front of the stock. Like something hit it. Had to of happened out of the box for the box showed no signs of wear.

Now for the shooting. I have shot a lot of springers. This is a new world to me. This is a CO 2 gun. No recoil. I mean none! There was about .5" of creep in the trigger and the trigger pull was down around one and aholf oz. There is all kinds of trigger adjustments on this one, so I know I will get it down a lot litter after the snow flies. Can't do it now. Got to shoot it while I can. Archer said it would shoot .75" groopes at 10 meters and it does. Been testing different pellets. Now I am using Daisy  Quick Silver wad cutters (.22 cal). I am getting 3/8" patterns at around 68F. If it gets cooler the pattern gets sloppy. Hoter haven't noticed and difference.

She is a keeper. That is for sure. If I could just come up with a way to use it when it is 40 or 50 then I would be in shooters heaven. Great gun when you are shooting in temps over 65F. I would sure like to have another.

After the snow I will update you on what Mods. I do and how each affected it.

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Re: AR2078A / Archer Air Guns
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2006, 07:53:53 AM »
Glad to see another fall into the clutches of Co2...:) I have three QB's, one Crosman 2040T and I love em to. :)  Just face it, anything that shoots pellets is a blast...

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