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RWS Model 40
« on: September 19, 2006, 07:55:45 AM »
I have been working at refining my Model 40 from the harsh recoiling, Muzzle heavy creature that left Germany.
 I think I've done it!
 First I removed the all steel Barrel weight, and regained the rifles center of gravity. I then replaced the stock recoil pad with an "Old" aftermarket soft red rubber unit made by Field and Trail (of Japan)
 I tried to replace a loose trigger spring and ended up loosing it somewhere in Mother's Kitchen as it flew out...
 I sent the rifle out to have both the trigger spring replaced and the dissambled trigger unit  put back together, but while doing so, I had a so-called "weak", (tested only and removed) JM GSI mainspring installed while it wsa down.
 I added a BSA A/O Variable 3X12 Aitgun Scope atop Accushot 2 piece rings (they have an internal threaded scope stop pin)
 The result is a 50+ yard asprin buster!
 I don't own a chrony, but it shoots Crosman Premier 7.9's much faster and hits harder than my "stock" Beeman R-11! I'm estimating a solid 1Kfps...

  I like this Forums  foremat, the people on the Forum, and personally don't care much about Politics, just the love of airgunning! I luckilly was away when what sems to be "unplesantrys" took place thank God!
 I hope this place does well and we can all concentrate on airguns!

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RE: RWS Model 40
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2006, 08:05:44 AM »
Thanks ZVP,

Since after the first couple weeks after our forum opened its doors, thing begain to settle down. We have a great gourp of members here and we are growning very steady. Yes, its all about air guns and no politics. We have our Rules and stand firm by them. Fortunatly we have had very little problems with outsiders. Allot of our members are old timers with an exceptional amount of technical knowledge like yourself.

We are all about helping each other and new air gunners in this great community. Please come again soon and post your experiences and pass on some knowledge..:)

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